gen’s gekiro is in a 3/4 musical time signature or 3 beats per measure.

light kick

medium kick

and hard kick

each have their own beat if you set it to 3/4 musical time.

3/4 time == one,two,three/one,two,three/da da da/da da da/…

*==a musical rest
/== a measure

LK= 6 hits(example:/one**/one,two*/one**/one,two*/)

mk=7 hits

hk=8 hits

below is a drumming example of 3/4 time.


these are youtube examples of complete gekiro:

Gen Guide List Compilation

I think you’re looking too much into this. Though I can’t lie I find it interesting as i’m a musician myself.


it’s not too deep. it’s in 3/4 time; i think the reason people have trouble with it is that most popular western music is in 4/4 time. all i was saying is that, once you think about the pattern, like a drum pattern, it’s easy to do. i just thought gekiro was random button presses, but it’s set to a musical time signature:3/4. thinking about it musically, also helps me to remember the pattern, because i’ve noticed that whenever i think i have gekiro figured out, i tend to forget how to do it. now that i have put gekiro into a little drum pattern, i can do it perfectly every time.


here is my youtube upload of gen’s short kick gekiro complete. if you just listen to the pattern you’ll be able to see my point.

*==a musical rest
/== a measure

LK= 6 hits(example:/one**/one,two*/one**/one,two*/)



I think you’re looking to much into it. I’m as anti-musically as they come yet I never miss gekiro. Besides, there are many ways to complete a gekiro and it is also spacing dependant anyway.


Ya there can be a few different cases where the timing is going to be different.


Try it like this.

boomboom. boom, boom, boom, boom, boomboom.


I’ve been trying to get the timing down for rh gekiro since I’m doing the last trial for Gen, but I always seem to drop most of it after the 5th or 6th hit. I also tried to do the gekiro by itself so that I can get the timing down, but they don’t seem to be very reliable.

What are the properties for Gekiro? I’d appreciate it if someone can give me a rough idea of the timing.



the description to the video + video was exactly what I was looking for :wink:


The way I do it works exactly the same on every character. (except E Honda, see below)

Its like this;

lk: 1…2.3…4.56
mk: 1…2.3…4.5.67
hk: 1…2.3…

I pretty much just double tap the last 2 hits!

Of course the timing is a little different depending on where you hit your opponent the first time (peak of their jump, in corner). But a “Rule of Wrist” is that you want your opponent to be slightly above you.

E Honda seems to launch higher than any other character on the first hit, so I hesitate the 2nd hit a little longer (1…2.3etc.), everything else stays the same.



even trying to replicate what i got on video, i still can’t do this bastard of a move consistently. though i guess the timing i use seems to be a bit different than what’s in this thread, maby i was doing it the “hard” way.

1, 2-3-4, 5-6, 78


The only problem with that is if they are really high up and the first hit launches them up even higher which will cause your fast 2,3,4 hits to miss. (might hit on 2 but would miss on any later ones.) SecretCharacter’s description is the best way IMO. Unless you do it the slow way.


OK so

LK is 6 hits
MK is 7 hits
HK is 8 hits

It seems the universal rules are

Initial tap, then double tap when they are at the right elevation (slightly above you, like northwest/northeast from gens body)

Then you single hit until the last two hits, which you doubletap.

That is how I understand it, I like to simplify everything in life, including games and strategies.
Every challenge is a problem that needs solving, and you solve problems by understanding them, and you understand them by simplifying them.


I actually had a harder time learning lk than hk, hk I just sort of got after a week of practice, but when lk got its hitbox buff and actually had use I had to practice for almost a month and after watching videos showing a rythim I finally got it… I don’t even use a rythem for hk, my mind just seems to process it just fine.

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Im still not getting it 100% T_T

I can do everything but the bnb and finish gekiro after 3+ years of playing Gen.

>Fraud status


the lk one is very easy, just time slowly the first two hits, then do the other ones fast. The hk gekiro… I use the same method you wrote. The “difficulty” consists in timing properly the first hit, which sets the height of the following juggle. The point is that height changes according to the position of the opponent when you caught him/her with the gekiro (standing, as anti-air, after a oga, etc)


Kahmos why do you have problems doing the bnb? Jab , Jab, Plink fierce and strong, then hit Mk, then lk gekiro.


I’m currently aiming for 90% consistency for H Gekiro but I’m stuck at 25%. I’ve tried the rhythm advice you guys have given but I can’t get it down even though it feels like the same beat. Are there any visual cues when they’re going to drop?


This should help.