Gekitou Ninja Taisen 3 Discussion Thread

NARUTO Gekitou Ninja Taisen 3 Discussion Thread

Ok well since of the name of the other thread:

I have decided to make a brand new one and here you can start to discuss strats, ask question, discuss who is top and who is not, and request me if thier is like somehting you want ripped form the game :party: .

Gasaraki & Snowman, Its taking me awhile to get the voices, I already got Sasukes but I need for itachi too…I’ll be almost done with ripping them.

Also a new vid for the game will be up in the following week.


Is a movelist up anywhere? If not one could be posted here. Also info on the system like I hear guard break is in the game, what’s up with that? Any interesting tricks found so far in the game? Basically make this thread the best place on web for GNT3 gameplay info.

I still don’t have the game yet, so I don’t have much to post myself but I will once I actually get it.

There doesn’t need to be a movelist since all moves are a direction and A or B.

also waiting for his game in the mail :mad:

Well it would be nice to know the different attack properties (auto-guard, staggers, knockdown, knockback, etc, etc) on the attacks or attack strings or whatever for quick reference like tragic noted in his old GNT2 faq but that’s just me I guess.

ah, I got ya, but even then, it’ll be quick to find out

Looking at the old thread and viewing some vids made me want this game. I might get this one, I just wish I had the free loader disc before.

Btw, did all of you get this from Play Asia?

I did, I know a few who got it from Lik-Sang though

Play-asia that shit down, but sometimes I buy from Lik-Sang (who are very good/have a european branch).

Dj : thats good to hear, we await anxiously.

Gen2000 : I’ve been asking a few times will Tragic make another FAQ for this game? I hope he does.

To all who got the game, how does Orochimaru play compared to GNT2 Orochimaru? Is he broken? or did he get balanced out to were he is more playable?..prehaps not banned. :karate:

Orochimaru is toned down from his previous tier.

His Gogyu Fuuin 5 element Seal is now toned down, Instead having your Chakra swiped from the whole match, it is now only temporarily…

Also I got almost all the characters now, Itachi is the last one and he is worth:

100,000 RYO~!!! :wow: :wow: :wow: .

After I get him, i will be able to make the WMA for Gasaraki & Snowman.

Then to make the video for the game :tup:

Shino’s cheap =/. I’m glad Kakashi has that chidori combo now. S.Kakashi is hella faster it seems. Gaara seems a lot better too. For those who’ve played and done team supers, is how much damage done, based on who’s in your team? Cause I had a team of Kakashi/Gaara/Jiraiya and that team super did HELLLLA.

This game had definitely made improvements over the 2nd one…

and yes, Shino is cheap! once the bugs are on the ground, its combo time

Heh… and also, while it is fair, I’m a little disappointed that Shikamaru doesn’t have his infinite anymore… his regular B is still hella cheap though

You are making each sound file completely separate right? You’re not putting them all in one file, right? Just double-checking since I wanted em all separate

Oh yes, its going to be separate, also i might even rip the music from the game if you guys want also :party: .

I just got itachi, oh my god…GOD LIKE~!!!..

He is soOoOoO gGooOooddd…

hahah, anyways Im playing it more now so I can get the voices and such. :party:

Awesome, and yeah whenever you have free time the music would be a cool extra too, some of the music in the game is quite good IMO

Yea, the Music in the game…I LOVE IT, especially th Top of the tower where the Hokage fights Orochimaru from the 2nd one, and its still in 3rd, alot of new stages with really good tracks also.

HK: Yes I ordered from play-asia, got the combo pack of the Freeloader and the game, cause I hear they ship faster than lik-sang.

DJ-B13: Yes, that would be cool. Especially that Hokage vs. Orochimaru music from the 2nd one, that’s one of the best tracks I heard in the series so far.

Awesome! thanks for the info.:clap:


Now in oder for me to get ITACHI and the rest of the CAST voice BGMs, You need to beat all the missions you got on all difficulty settings.

And when you change diificulty, the method you need to complete the mission gets altered. :sad: .

OH MY GOD~!!! try playing HAKus mission, fighting against multiple ZABUSA…so F,n HARD!!!

At leats i got all the MUSIC, just need the BGMs for Snoqman & Gasaraki. now.

I hope you put the music up, it’s definately pimpin. And I never got GNT2 (only 1) on my PC so 3 would be mad cool.

And god damn, I didn’t realize it would be that hard to unlock stuff on this game. They’re making you earn it now!