Gem Selection: It's Simple Math! (or: what Capcom should have done for the tournament mode patch)

After seeing what Capcom has done with the tournament mode patch, I have to say I’m horribly disappointed. There is a REALLY simple fix for this issue.

SFxTK is a six button fighter. So, why not convert every gem number into a senary ( number, and have the player input that with the fightstick buttons representing 0-5



0 1 2
3 4 5

So, let’s say you want to equip gem #432. Well, (according to a calculator I found online) 432 in senary is 2000: meaning the input for the gem would simply be RB X X X.

I’ll never understand Capcom’s development cycle. A group of seasoned developers, already familiar with the fact that we as a community hate the system, and they go and make something as stupid and user unfriendly as the dial system.

Also, I’m not saying every player should go out and learn an obscure based number system; that would be insane. But I am saying that if Capcom made it user friendly enough, this would be entirely feasible. I mean, MK9 did something similar (albeit without the crazy conversions from numbers to buttons) with the kombat kode, so why can’t we see it here?

I think Tom Cannon had the right idea:


As seen in:!/ProtomCannon/status/181900518992515072/photo/1

Capcom seems to be adverse to putting numbers in their games, so this had no chance of happening.

I mean fuck, if they can’t put ping numbers in their online games, what hope do we have to a logical gem selection method

I think overall that would probably be a better system. Less memorization, but more prone to input error.

Point is, there are tons of better alternatives. As much as I’ve been a lurker in the past (for years now), this is the first time I’ve been inspired to post. I’m just really not happy with how Capcom’s been handling everything (DLC and XBox 360 stuff aside)

That looks pretty good. Too bad we wouldn’t see it implemented until Ultimate Darkstalkers IV even if they do like it.

Why even have codes for each individual gem? How about each combination of gems has it’s own unique computer-generated code, and you just put it in at the character select screen. That’s the most logical solution. No USB drive required, just memorize your code or write it down.

Well, it’d end up being the same thing since that’s just a unique combination of 3 different gems. It’s feasible, but I can’t think of a good way to do it.

How about this: let each gem have it’s number, but count them all up together to get one code/number (write it down or simply remember the unique code) and insert the code at the gem selection through a numpad that pops up…? Guess it’s hard to implement though.

45 preorder gems + 45(?) in the base game + 60 coming in April, and that’s just the month two gem count. That’s where the issue comes into play.

Funny thing is, there are a lot more. Take these video’s as a reference:

[media=youtube]ova9wO1FttI[/media][/details] 355 gems, 292 boost and 63 assist gems.

But half of them won’t be allowed to be used in tournaments, since they are payed/special edition DLC gems. It even seems that those EX gems (that take two slots) need to be added on top of the 355 gems to get the total number.

Most of those probably aren’t going to make it into the game though. Capcom has been making poor decisions, but they have enough common sense to not release things that are OBVIOUSLY broken.

Don’t know, they will be released for people to buy them eventually (people will see them used online most of the time then… not to mention that some of those DLC gems look very powerfull TBH!) but in tournaments, they’ll be instantly banned for sure. So you can easily drop the EX, Special edition and DLC gems (except the free ones all of us will get on the 3rd of April). I guess that leaves about (+/-, not sure) 150 gems that are acceptable.

i think i found a much easier way than the Senary system…

first, capcom will ship out free “Clothing Color Readers” to every person who owns the game. These electrical readers are dual-modded for both Xbox 360 and PS3 (for convenience).

next, once your reader is hooked up, you simply sit in front of it wearing clothes you picked out, and the colors of each of your clothing items determines each gem based on a hexidecimal -> RGB conversion.

For example, let’s say you wanted gem #112 as your first gem. All you need to do is wear a sky blue shirt (it must be the exact shade of what HTML interprets as sky blue, use this chart for reference - )

So how will your CC Reader interpret the sky blue shirt as gem #122? Well, your Hex number for the shirt is 6698FF, and the CC Reader takes the first digit of the R-G-B equivalent of that Hex number. So if 6698FF is 102-152-255 in R-G-B, you end up with 112.

just remember to be exact with your clothing colors. in the above example, if you had worn cadet blue instead of sky blue, you’d wind up with gem #111, and at that point you’re fucked and might as well forfeit the match.

Whoa whoa whoa, you want me to do math while I’m setting up my team?

No, it would be in the game. All you would see is the button combination, not even the numbers.

I just think every set up should get a unique code. Use the code and bam! Done.

This is actually genius. Each gem would be given a button combo. There are 6 buttons, and assume each gem is given a 4-button code, which is not unbelievable.

Thus, the iron will gem for activation on launch would be something like “jab-jab-fierce-forwardkick”.

You could even have the two aspects of the gem (the effect and the activation condition) be a button combo, to make it even easier!

For instance, all iron wills would be selected by hitting some combo of punch buttons, such as jab-jab or jab-strong, then activation via tag in would be selected by some combo of kick buttons.

Therefore, selected an iron will gem that activates by blocking 5 normals would be done by hitting “jab-jab-rh-short”.

The main issues with the selection right now are that it is too damn slow to get in and out of. The amount of menu-crawling in this game is atrocious. Gem selection on the character selection screen is a must if they want gems to be taken seriously. This method might take some getting used to, but once you memorize the gem codes for your setup, inputting your gems should be much quicker, since you just have to hit a 4-button code 3 times, so 12 total button presses.

I still think gems are dumb and should just be taken out of the game altogether, but this is an interesting UI design idea.