Gems are lethal

Just because a ton of the community disapproves of gems doesn’t mean we can’t use em
Using meter gems that activate when the opponent blocks on Yoshi and special move hit gems on Hei work for me

+40% meter when you launch
+40% meter when your partner launches

find a character that can do relaunch combos (e.g Launcher => HK Shredder => Launcher with Paul). 80% meter gain… a few hits on block and you’re fully charged. it’s nuts.

Those meter gems can be very potent in the right hands. as soon as I took a close look at them I was curious if they’d become broken.

Um…people stopped complaining about gems months ago…

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I like movement speed when the opponent blocks x normals. It allows you to setup a throw game real well

Next time we play-watch my meter when the res/motivation gems get cranking. Almost broken…until u face fortitude stuff anyways

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