Gen 360 Endless Lobbies



Alright, here we can post times and dates to get together and mash buttons.

This week, Ill be free to play Wed thru Friday around 8:00pm Pacific

tag: SecretCharacter
loc: So Cal

I also mess around with; Juri, Guile, Guy, Ibuki, Makoto, and Cody

Hope to see you online!


GT: thnx come agen
Location: East Coast Canada, for you Americans that aren’t familar… Near Maine.

Gen, Akuma, Rose, Sakura.


Im free pretty much everyday after 12:40pm pdt, aka reno,nevada. for you canadias thats west coast usa near cali =P.

Characters: Gen. I can sorta play Geif,Sim,Fei,Rose,Dan. I can dabble with every other character, except for Viper and Feurte


:stuck_out_tongue: Canadians know more about US geography than US knows about Canadian. :wink:


characters: Gen, cody, ibuki, and sometimes honda and akuma.

Tag: Zaruka

Location: Oklahoma city, Oklahoma USA.

most of the time during the week im at work at night. so i dont get on until real late, but Saturday Sunday and Monday. i am able to get on early since i dont have to work at the night.

oh im going to be working on my cody so you dont have to worry about a lot of mirror matches fighting me.


You’re probably right, But that was still funny.

… and this is because US doesn’t really care for Cananda. It has French Canadians! Thats a double negative in our book!


Secret you should do a poll i like thoughs things


Meh I can’t say too much I’m related to Herbert Hoover.


Gamertag: Vongo1a.

I’m always up for some matches. I’m on everyday at anytime.

Also play: Seth, Sakura, Gouken, and Cody.

My gen is pretty rusty so more than likely I’ll be picking him the whole time.


I’m pretty free in general but im available on the weekends. gen main and honda for a scrub easy secondary.


I will be on/available all evening to play if anyone wants to get a lobby going just hit me up on Xbox live



GT: Newtype Andy
Loc: midwestern US
I’m usually on between like 11:30 pm - 7 am or so EST.

I play Gen again (damn you DanteValmont!! lol), Fei Long, Juri, Sakura, with a little Hakan, Chun and Guy on the side.


gts are in my name i spend most of my time on 360 i play cammy but looking to switch to gen asap