Gen 380+ Damage with just 1/4 meter. You got to see it to believe it





:(any discription? Can`t see the vedio… or html adress…


it’s some character specific combo :slight_smile: notably against DeeJay…

specifically it shows:

  1. Against Dudley: TC2, Ex Hyakurenko, Crane, short Jyasen
  2. Against Rufus in corner: TC2, Ex Hyakurenko, Mantis, heavy Hyakurenko, FADC, Mantis, TC2, light Gekiro (3 bars….)
  3. Against Rufus: TC2, Ex Hyakurenko, Crane, short Jyasen
  4. Against DeeJay: Mantis, Mantis cr.lp, TC2, Ex Hyakurenko, Mantis, light Gekiro
  5. Against DeeJay: Shakudan, Mantis, Mantis, TC2, Ex Hyakurenko, Mantis, light Gekiro
  6. Against DeeJay: TC2, Ex Hyakurenko, TC2, light Gekiro


Thanks for the post man! I needed some stuff to use against Deejay.


Ehm for the DeeJay combo you have to walk forward a bit for the light gekiro to connect


Also the TC2 loop is a one framer, you have to walk forward a bit for it to work.

The Deejay combo is mad easy to do. And deals about 280 for bnb and maxing out @ 384 for a jump in combo.

For Dudley you have to delay the crane cMP a bit or it will wif, same with Rufus. Pls use it sparingly or when u need the xtra damage.

Also I am practicing sMP walk back a frame sMP mantis sweep on Akuma but its a one frame link.

I wonder if we will ever max out Gen’s potential.


A step is 2f, so its a 1f link…

Wow i never thought of that
I wonder if the step forward could help us reach TC2 after in some matchups, or is the pushback too far?

If not you could potentially combo for awhile with just…


sHP is 5 frame startup and sMP is +6 on hit so its not possible technically to walk and hit it. Or I may be wrong.


I mean hit confirming to get close enough to link>TC2 on the entire cast!

It depends on how much the enemy is pushed away after step

Should always work in the corner since they cannot be pushed back, unless you are pushed back like with hands.


ok. not really sure about that. hopefully it may work


Probably not. The link works on Dee Jay because his hurtbox during his reel is so weird that st.HP’s hitbox can reach it (st.MP -> st.MP -> st.MP link works on him). Let’s not forget that a simple st.MP -> st.HP doesn’t work on some characters without a jump-in due to st.MP’s HUGE pushback. Corner doesn’t make much difference since Gen is pushed back almost the same amount.

I’m thinking it’ll probably work on crouching Honda, and maybe Dhalsim and Abel on CH st.MP (they’re the ones far enough to reach with a jump in st.MP, st.MP, st.MK xx LK Gekiro just barely).


off topic, why dont you go over to the tier thread and throw in your 2 cents on gens match ups. need more competitive player perspectives


Off topic. I don’t have enough good match-up experience for most characters.


Off and on, off and on.


As far as I know> works on everyone.
So should > (2 frame step) >
If it does not bring Gen closer to the opponent to link into st.hp, how many repetitions of > step > can be done?

Edit: I think we should consult Desk for this one, he is the only executioner who can do no plink 1 frame link repetitions on camera.

Double Edit: I bet we could really make a Desk like combo video for Gen using Honda and > step > > step repetitions…


st.MP > st.MP without stepping in between doesnt work on Ryu and Ken. Stepping does work, but then they’re barely in range for st.MK. We have to remember that st.HP has a similar range to st.MP, so we should at least be able to do st.MP3 for st.MP2> step st.HP to be worth trying.


It may only be good for certain matchups, or perhaps only as a cool looking combo video, but I want to explore this when I get the chance…