Gen and FADC



Is it me or Gen’s fadc is more difficult than other characters? Like it has a shorter window of inputs… I don’t know. I don’t play Ryu nor Ken but I can fadc with them in the trials with little to no problems but I still struggle with this technique for my main character :frowning:
I never bothered much to learn this because I think supers and ex gekiro are so useful, but I feel kinda… “incomplete” now, lol.
So, some questions:

  • when fadcing the jyasen on the second to last hit, do you use any visual cue to time it? I tried to count the hits but it doesn’t work for me…
  • after the double tap forward, do you let the stick in neutral position or hold forward? It may sound silly, but I got the impression the result might be a bit different (in terms of input window).
  • ok, this one makes me so ashamed…when you do TC2~hyakurenko~fadc~mantis…what button sequence do you do? I cannot slide the hyakurenko otherwise I’ll never manage to fadc in time and my piano technique seems lacking…

Fadc is it worth it?
  1. I don’t use any visual cues, its just a matter of learning the timing and knowing ahead when the last hit is going to come so you can FADC before it. I recommend you to keep practicing by counting the hits and eventually you will realize that you don’t even need to do that anymore. Kinda like learning how to complete the HK Gekirou or knowing when to FADC on the last hit of hands.

  2. No need to hold forward. Just f+mk+mp, f, (neutral) ,…

  3. I use the piano technique so I’m not sure how hard it would be using the slide method. Usually my fingers are already near the focus attack buttons so its just a matter of inputting with the right timing.

My sequences vary according with the button I’m cancelling into hands. So:

s.fp xx Hands = fp-mp-lp-lp-fp xx Hands = mk-lp-mp-fp-lp-fp xx Hands =

TC2 xx Hands = fp-mp-lp-mk+fp-fp


The strange thing is when i do TC2 I have to input only 4 punches instead of 5. So i just do mp hp mp hp.

Also i always hold forward. Even when i do the roll. I’m not as consistent with the roll but i’ve done it few times.

And all these combos still seem piss easy compared to the oga cross ups involving walking forward. Hate those but i guess practice makes perfect.


I think the sf42012 system allow us a bigger window for fadc technique.
May be you can try to input the normal(after dash) a little bit earlier as the system allows it. The timing is small scope not a spot.


Anyone else use the 2 button mash method when doing>hands? I just alternatively press mp, hp and end on hp with the 5th hit lol.

I have trouble fadcing roll, but that’s probably because I never use rolls much if at all in the first place.


I have more trouble FADCing hands against crouching opponents than anything else. Whiffs on certain characters really throws my timing off.


thanks so much for the detailed answers! Wow, learning different patterns depending on the first button… I’m afraid I’ll never manage to apply this consistently in the matches…

edit: TC2 xx Hands in this way is SO much simpler!! Thanks a lot!!!


Ever since AE I have never used into hands anymore though. Seeing as into hands does slightly more damage and has slightly better range. For TC2 into hands I just use s.hp + x5, same when starting from, c.lp into TC2 hands (1 framer).


What is hard about walk forward oga?

Jyasen roll has a different FADC timing than hands FADC, what I do is listen to the ‘hit’ sound and FADC at that exact moment using shortcut fadc and it works 80% of the time

Doesn’t matter if you hold it or not, you can still get sMP to connect either way or anything for that matter

I don’t know if my method will help since I am a pad player but here is what I do for the combo you mentioned
:hp::mp::mk: :hp::hp::hp: then hold :f: wait for the fourth hit of the hands then press :mp::mk: :f: to dash out then press :mp:
hp mp mk hp hp hp then hold forward till last hit of hands and press focus and forward quickly

you can refer to the old tut on hands I did for pad players may be useful to you



FADC shortcut? What? And thanks for the infos :slight_smile: even though I don’t play on pad…


usually you fadc by pressing :mp::mk: :f::f: which takes a considerate amount of frames, but by pressing and holding :f: then tapping :mp::mk: :f: you will still fadc and do it much faster.


FADC is not worth the damage, but it is worth it for positioning or mixup.

If my opponent fails under pressure I might FADC to extend a blockstring to push them into the corner.

But I never FADC for actual combos, too much timing is required, and if you end up going from practicing on a CRT to a flatscreen, like the EVO monitor, you lose half a frame in timing and it messes with my fine timing.

I try to keep it consistent, and FADC is inefficient for damage, and difficult.


FADC isn’t difficult at all imo. If you have trouble just practice it until you get it. I play on hdtv and ctr and have no problems with the standard one (I only use one fadc combo with Gen anyway). Which does about 395 dmg from a jump in attack, well worth it in certain situations.

I usually prefer saving for super though in most cases.


and which combo is that?


(crane) > (mantis) > > hands FADC (4th hit) > > TC2 > lk gekiro (hk if it is possible on the character)

Ofcourse you can jump in with whatever you like but I usually start it with a cross-up. Either way, you’ll get nearly 400 dmg which is what I consider a pretty decent trade off for 2 bars in some situations.


The combo you mentioned does 342 Damage 516 Stun and builds abt 70% of one bar of meter and 359 Damage 541 Stun on counterhit. the only combo that does that is if you start with crane jump round house


Not entirely true. If you start the combo with j.hp (mantis) it will do 397 dmg aswell. It’s a good way to start it off from the safejump setup. But yeah, wrong info there.

Anyway, it’s my to go to fadc combo, especially when doing dashx2 crane j.hp safejump and it hits.


cool. that is worth some FADC.


It’s a bit off topic but since I’m the OP of this thread…:smiley: I’m curious, why do you think pushing your opponent in corner is so important (well, two ex bars) with Gen? Besides the reasons that stand for all characters, Gen has not such a great corner game. If I were using Guy, Fei Long, Makoto… I’d gladly spend that gauge but Gen… besides some new options after Crane (gekiro, ultras), what do we have?


Gens corner game isn’t too bad, it’s just that most of the things he does will push himself away from the opponent. I usually keep them in the corner with mantis (fishing for CH) and if it connects do the regulart mk hands combo. Or I just back off just a little bit to play the same midrange footsies game I always do, except with them having no way to walk backwards anymore (~_~)

As for using 2 bars on block just to get them in the corner…not a smart way to use 2 bars with Gen IMHO. If you use 2 bars for an FADC that hits and puts them in the corner I could understand that (damage + good situation for Gen). Besides, most of FADC combos will land the opponent in the corner if done from anywhere but exactly midscreen, so I don’t see why I would ever waste 2 bars for a little pressure on block. I don’t need 2 bars to apply pressure, his pokes and general footsies apply enough as it is against most characters. Just be a little more aggressive in your footsie game, walk forward while playing them, after hitting a dash toward them etc.

I suppose there is a time and place for everything, but I put a lot of value in obtaining Super, or at the very least do a FADC that hits **and **puts them (almost) in the corner.