Gen Anti-airs?



I just got scrubbed upon all day by kens spamming jump-in HK -> c.MK/throw, when I realized I have no idea how to anti-air with gen.

What are gen’s best anti-airs? PLEASE tell me he has something that beats this nonsense clean, and I overlooked something, because this is unbearably depressing.

I’ve been trying to use gekiro (trades unfavorably most of the time), c.HK (in crane, trades pretty often, easy to mistime and get stuffed/ whiff), and jumping HP (in either style, but I have to predict it, so it’s a psychic anti-air and inconsistant).

Any help (or general tips on gen) are greatly appreciated.


This crap happens to me against Ryu as well. They can literally jump in for free, c.lp,, fireball, and if the first two hits don’t land simply throw or jump over you and try it again. One thing that I have noticed though, and it might require a certain distance is that if you try to sweep as they are jumping in they will miss you quite often and you can throw them. I’m not sure how well it would work against a cross up though.


I’m too busy dying easily to aggro jump scrub shotos to get around to the respect part. Weep for my broken gen.

I’m having moderate success with jumping backwards HK/HP. That won’t save me if they snag a knockdown, but it’s something.


If they start jumping, you start jumping. Crane jumping Fierce snuffs EVERYTHING. Let me emphasize the EVERYTHING part. Mantis jumping short has a perfect upward arc for those above you.

Also, if you REALLY need some space, you can EX wall dive out of pressure.

Finally, Crane short super stops all jump ins, including cross-ups.


With the crane j.Fierce and mantis j.Short, am I jumping straight up, forward, or backward?

Or does it not matter?


AFAIK Gen doesn’t have an answer for people doing deep jump in on wakeup. It’s best to just block or backdash. When are they jumping at you? All the time or only when you’re knocked down?


For me at least when playing with another SRK’r, once he gets a knockdown is usually when this starts happening and there was literally nothing I could do but block and hope that when he finally went for the throw that I could reverse it. But no, even when expecting it, throw reversals were impossible against him. The only thing we could come up with was XBL being shitty lately. We normally connect to each other at four yellow, but for the last few days literally everyone has been three orange for me.

Ironically this situation smacks heavily of Dictator in the previous games vs Zangief…


When under a lot of pressure from a shoto and you?re not knocked down and the opponent is jumping you, my advise is to EX. There?s three attacks that are viable:

EX Oga (if Ultra, be prepared to KKK Ultra if the wallkick hits)
EX Roll (use fierce, you roll away safely, works without EX on most shotos)
EX Gekiro (kind of sucks on crossups if it whiffs)

EX Roll in corner and EX Oga anywhere ells.
And don?t forget about our awesome KKK Ultra, learn it.

Hope it helps.


lol i know EXACTLY what you’re talking about in the Dictator vs Gief match. Dict was my main in HDR and Gief always raped me once I got knocked down. If I didnt have a super I was dead.

Best I can say is to watch whatever strings your opponent is using and either get ready with a throw break or backdash. I suck at throw breaks as well, but back dashing is pretty good in this game. It CAN be punished if you get predictable with it, but it gives you some breathing space when successful. Coming from HDR it’s been taking me a while to get used to even having a backdash, but it’s very useful for getting out of alot of stuff your opponent tries on wakeup and you can use it to escape long block strings.


I havent played too many jump spammers in ranked with Gen. In fact I have found that when I use him most people are very mixxed up because they arent familar with him. I find that Gen makes a decent presure character with his cross up MK into standing RH in crane style. That MK beats out a TON of things in air (CRANE). But a jumping firece into standing lighting stikes does a ton of damage and should be basically the same as the shoto techinque that you are haivng issues with.

I very rarely use his upkick at all because the timing is eluding me still. However I love the wall kick and the KKK ultra is insane and can be linked into by several attacks including a simple crouching LK or a jumping double hit RH. He has a lot of options in this style.

Get to a point where you can play offensive with him after a wall kick knock down and start crossing them up with MK into standing double hit RH.


Ditto to this. I’ve yet to find a move that consistently beats Crane j.Fierce out clean, although I do still trade or get hit sometimes by my crappy positioning.

Jayzus. Why didn’t I think of using that short super against someone crossing me up. I’ve been too concerned with ex Oga or FADC’ing away to even think about turning the tables on them with this. Thx. Can’t wait to go home and see it when my bro tries a crossup with Blanka :bgrin:


It’s still REALLY hard to hit someone with the lk super if they time their crossups properly. It’s damn near impossible if they time their crossup perfectly. I’ve tried mmaaannnyyyy times. =(


You really have to gauge the distance of the other person’s jump-in to determine which button is good. Often I’ll see someone jump and I’ll immediatly jump at them with fierce mantis or crane. Low fierce is a good anti-air if you gauge the distance correctly. Even standing strong and fierce can be used effectively given the correct spacing.


If someone gets a jump real deep, it’s probably best just to block and deal with whatever mix-up they throw at you.


all of gens air to air are really good. the best one being j.hp during crane.

crane -> shakudan is pretty good too. juggle with ultra/super/reverse waterfall kick afterwards.

reverse waterfall kick (dp+k) is not good against late jump in attacks, but in fact is the opposite. its awesome against early jump in attacks since it stays out for so long.

finally, theres focus attacks as anti air and his KKK ultra (gotta distance it right tho)


I love fierce mantis as an air-to-air, because it actually hits quite a bit above Gen which lets you hit some unexpected things and compensate for his low jump height. For example I was playing against a Ryu who would do air hurricane kicks to escape, but I could actually jump under him, do the swipe, and hit him out of it. I do a lot of air-to-airs because Gen just seems particularly suited to that - his jump is fast and low enough that if you see the other guy jump you can meet him before he reaches the top of his jump arc.


I dash under all non-knockdown crossups.


No mention of Mantis jumping Roundhouse (vs. opponent’s above Gen)?


Are you saying either jumping fierce whether it be punch or kick? I’m guessing that, just wondering because I thought it depended on whether they were throwing out a punch or kick at you when they jump forward.

Is it worth it though with the weak damage of the Crane super? Has it really had THAT much of an impact on you?


Take this with a grain of salt, as I’m newer to Gen, but I’m in with the Mantis Jumping HK crowd. If they’re above you, and you bring that out after they’ve thrown out their attack, I don’t think you can do any worse than trade.

Gekiro (I think… DP + K from mantis) has also served me pretty well, and comes out pretty quick. Just don’t get trigger happy and hit the followups and I think you can dash out of the way before the scrubs throw out their wakeup SRK.


FIERCE = PUNCH (jab, strong, fierce/short, forward, roundhouse