Gen Costume Concepts



Check these new concepts for possible costumes for Gen that are supposed to be released in the fall.


i bet he gets the track suit.


I really hope he doesn’t the first one on the Left looks bad ass.


wtf at that track suit gen…anyway first one on the left looks nice


think of it! how your opponent would look if you beat them with a perverted old peeper in a tracksuit xD

In that book are some awesome gen artworks. maybe I gotta upload them aswell


upload upload please :slight_smile:


Imagine wall dives in a track suit LOL! Gen could look like an olympic athlete, instead of an old man.
But I’ll take the left one any day. The rest is too regular.


omfg the 4th and 5th suck monkey balls

1st one is cool


First one is pretty cool, but the second one has classic Gen hair. However nothing beats track suit Gen, it has awesome trolling potential.


well i actually wasnt considering the possibility of pink track suit, yeah yeah ._.


the track suit is just whacky enough for capcom to like it an put it in


Imageshack - 103qi.jpg
Imageshack - 104ei.jpg
Imageshack - 105nd.jpg

here you go with the gen artwork. out of these one could create some niffty stick artworks.


thanks a lot :slight_smile: they’re pretty cool…


I don’t like any of them


If we get the 1st one (sleeveless, long hair) I’m picking red and not looking back.


I like all of them, abit 50/50 on the tracksuite but it has trash talk potential…lol

I really like 1 and 3 …


I bet he gets the tracksuit.

In fact, I guarantee it.

If Cowboy Ken can make it in, anything’s possible.


Ditto for black.

And during EVO 2011 a track suit will be given away to the top Gen player. :3

If it’s not going to be the first outfit, some people at Capcom probably have something against Gen.


track suit all the way. the others already look too similar to his original outfit.


I bet we get the tracksuit… :frowning: :frowning: