Gen Crane Ultra 2 Overhead?



Hey guys, I apologize if this has been said somewhere else, but…does Gen’s Crane Ultra 2 count as an overhead? There’s been at least two cases that I’ve crane U2’d someone who was crouch blocking. And I’ve been unable to recreate this in training mode.

I can make a vid if necessary, but in a nutshell the Honda was block crouching (input says so), Gen empty jumps and ultras and it hits, even though he was blocking. I was thinking that it may be like a grab if you do it really close to the op or something weird like that since ssf4 has 2 in 1 ultras (i.e. ibuki/dudley) .

Has anyone else encountered this in a fight or been able to replicate it in training mode?




If you ever have problems recreating things, like seeing if something is an overhead. If you can’t get the AI to stay crouched and block (sometimes they stand up) make player two the character you want to test, and record him doing the move. Then play it, while you are the defending character crouch block. Done and Done


How about you just record player 2 crouch blocking?

Just sayin.


Pretty sure all block no matter what stance you put them in, they will block in all stances. If you do a move that hits high and needs to be blocked high. I’m sure they move to Standing block. Might not be the case for Ultra 2, but I’m 99% sure that it’s that way for normals and specials.

Just sayin.


It’s an air attack, it hits like all normal air attacks. Up high.


glares at Makoto’s axe kick…


And cammy dive kick, rufus dive kick, adon axe kick, akuma air tatsu, akuma air fireball, ryu air tatsu, ken air tatsu, sakura air tatsu, dan air dan kicks, viper air burning kick, ibuki kunai, ibuki super. Generally air specials aren’t overheads.



I said RECORD PLayer 2 Crouch blocking. Using the Replay function. What’s wrong with you?


just get back from afgan? little delayed much?


Haha, no I forgot I made a post here.


it can also cross up


Generally air specials aren’t normal air attacks. My observation still stands.