Gen FADC combo into Zetsuei (Midscreen)



TC2(or any cancellable normal or attack),hands fadc crane crouch light kick, zetsuei

works on: Balrog, Ryu, Ken, Seth, Gouken, Akuma, Dan, Oni, Dhalsim, Bison, Sagat, DJ, E.Ryu, Zangief and Vega

in the corner it works against everyone in the cast (assumption by the way)


nice! But what is the total damage? I guess the damage scaling makes the zetsuei quite useless…


Using the above combo the total damage is 395. Not bad if u r looking to close the match. At least it does more damage than any fadc combo I know


Damn, I don’t manage to test it. I’m not fast enough probably :frowning: but you really meant zetsuei? Not ryukoha?


mantis ultra 1, test it on balrog first, you dont have to use the above combo just use crane crouch light kick into zetsuei, also you can also use ryukoha but only on rog


Can’t land this on Bison at all. Must just be me.


So crane zetsui is character specific?


I remember never being able to land on Blanka and Honda.


Yeah it is, on midscreen. For corner I believe its possible on most character


IIRC, the setup can actually work on the entire cast at midscreen, but not with 4 hits of hands. FADCing after the 4th hit causes you to be slightly farther away and it makes the subsequent link into ultra very difficult (like 1f) against some characters and impossible against many others. FADCing off the first hit of hands makes the link into ultra easier, but the FADC is obviously harder. I landed the combo once in a real match (on Bison, actually) way back in vanilla and stopped caring afterwards.

Now I’m wondering if kara-canceling into the ultra would make it more practical, hmm…
Edit: I think I prefer plinking from 3P~HK, actually.


I would only really care about this if I get an unblockable or really strong setup afterward, like Gen does against Rufus after U1.


Which unblockable is that after U1 vs Rufus


I posted it in the unblock thread.