Gen Guide List Compilation



Attempting to organize, I have collected all the useful (and still relevant) lists that have been made so far regarding everything so you don’t have to search the whole forum for something that can be vital to your game. And other character specific test results in the future should be posted here for a better overview. Hopefully this will lead to much less smaller topics asking random questions, classics like ‘hur durr gekiro doesnt work always i are sad’ or ‘lol Oga is useless omg’

Anyway, here are the links to specific lists and guides:

New to Gen? Read this footsies handbook first.

Tha Messiah’s focus to Teiga guide.

Questions regarding Gekiro are answered here.

Everything there is to know about Oga by myself.

NEW moveset thread including framedata and hitboxes by ZukUu

Gen footsies/Shenanigans handbook by myself.

Option select thread.

AE Gen changes can be found here.

Oga cross-up guides/charts.


Thanks man. Things for Super are being too scattered. We need to buckle down on the Match-ups. Can this Thread be set as a Sticky? I think it’s worthy. Are you also able to rename the title to SSFIV?


I tested the Crane>>jab>oga reset on every character in the game to see if the jab connects with them all. It worked on the majority of the cast but there are some exceptions.

The following list includes characters that are hard/unreliable to hit with the jab:

Chunli-: Only works if you time the jab late, when she almost hits in the ground.
Dhalsim-: Same as Chunli, time the jab late.
C.Viper-: Very hard, spacing dependant and you have to time the jab late aswell.
El Fuerte-: Same as viper, depends on spacing and jab late.
Sakura-: Time the jab late.
Cammy-: Same as Viper, spacing dependant, jab late.
Fei Long-: Slightly delay your jab, not that hard.
Guy-: Very hard due to his weird fall hitbox. Could not get this to work consistently. Heavily spacing dependant.
Rose-: Slightly delay your jab, same as Fei Long.
Dee Jay-: Seemed nearly impossible to hit, worked a couple of times. Very unreliable.
Adon-: Again, depends on the spacing, and delay your jab.

I would not use it against characters that have to have perfect spacing such as Viper and Dee Jay. Some others just take some practise to hit 100%.

(Also posted in the Oga thread, but still a useful list)


does it seem harder to hit crane, st.lp,, mantis sweep now? or was it always more of a character specific thing? or is my execution just lacking?


the new jump arc made gen’s crossup much more easy to punish. in fact, u cant even do, as a block “string” they’ll just DP you right after u’ve to have a perfect jump and then do a late crossup to be able to connect both (on block that is). every now and then it even happens that i get DPed after a HIT… in particular from tall characters like sagat. so, i wouldnt bet that your execution is lacking but the new jump nerfed gen’s crossup pressure alot.


Yeah you really have to time the really late in order for it to hit deep enough so you can combo into anything :confused:


Added zUkUu’s new moveset/framedata/info thread, and my Gen footsies handbook thread to the OP.

Just for reference, incase a topic drops or something.


Maybe add up a thread about performing MK-Hands :stuck_out_tongue:

Just came here to ask if it was possible to get hands out after MK by doing MK, LP, MP, HP, HP, HP

and is the “MK, LP” supposed to come out as a plink?




The link on the footsies handbook says that it’s invalid. Has it been deleted or what?

-From a player somewhat new to Gen.


I deleted that thread due to a somewhat trolling behavior, it still exists in the form of the ‘Gen Shenanigans Thread’ containing the same information but just a name change, forgot to change the URL.


The link for the footsies guide isn’t working.



nice thread man, puts together links that span from vanilla to AE(soon) makes it really easy to find all Gen’s changes etc.


I’m interested in learning more about Gen. Anyone got updated links? I’m looking through the forum, but I haven’t been able to find threads that seem to match with the titles of the links , the ‘read this first’ link in particular.


It is because the forum apparently got a huge overhaul in design while I was on hiatus, will fix it this summer.


I finally got around to updating the links, I removed some of them and added some that are still relevant or have been made in my absence like the OS thread. I’d say if someone new to gen reads lal of this he’s got all the theoryfighter he will ever need regarding Gen haha.


Thanks for that man.


Thanks for keeping this alive. Wonder if admins can change ownership of threads. Some threads have been started by players who don’t play gen any more, or around playing at all. I think Jibbo is in the navy or military. not sure which one. And the combo thread should be updated and I don’t think AsianTom has even looked at Gen in AE. I may be mistaken.


Yeah, I might PM a mod or something regarding that, but I don’t think changing ownership is possible. I’ve also seen the new setup you’ve made for the AE matchup thread which is looking very nice, I like the small pictures. I’ll probably do a big ass write-up for a lot of characters sometime soon, probably this week still.


Thanks I wanted to make this one look a bit nicer. I’m going to make it better than the Super thread. But this time I’m going to quote people. Make it a bit easier for me. I felt like highlighting the preferred AA’s and give small write ups, since they can be pretty situational and character specific.