Gen Help - STUCK!

I’m stuck on Gen’s easy trial 2 (yes, 2!!!). For the life of me I can’t get his stupid flying kick move to complete, how do I do it? I foresee much difficulty in the later trials when I have to incorporate it into combos.

Ultimately dude, practice. Aside from that watch some Yeb or Asiantom on youtube try to replicate their timing. There’s tonnes of mentions on these boards of different methods of completing a Gekiro but to be honset none of the explanations have really helped me. Just practice.

I use this:

1…2.3… ( last 2 very fast after eachother)

So after the first hit you basically wait just a tiny bit and input 2 and 3, after you get the third hit slowly press the buttons more faster.

^ Basically what he said.

Its a specific rhythm, practice makes perfect dood.

kept doing the timing saying above and you can easy get the full hits. although i have not gotten the heavey one down yet i can do the medium one with easy now and i rarely drop it. still working on the timing on the hard but i more working on mk into hands with piano practice before i get the timing down with the hard one.

Just keep working at it is all. You have to learn to complete a Gekiro for alot of his trials.

^ We haven’t gotten any games in lately, when will you be on?

lol,i should be on today maybe. use PM if u want matches so we dont have to spam. :stuck_out_tongue: