Gen- mk hands Ps3 pad video!

Maybe this goes on another topic, but i think it deserves its own thread. I felt that it was important to post this since i’ve seen some Gen players give up on mk hands on the ps3 pad. No button configurations (like lk is lp or hp is circle!) Its a video of gens mk hands done on the ps3 pad with button tutorial!

Exact button input: mk, mp, hp, lp, mp,hp

Hopefully it gives you guys some inspiration!


Good stuff man, Mk hands is tough to do on the ps3 pad but you seemed to got it down nicely

the input please and the configuration of the pad :

X : …
O : …


From what I see, it’s the same as Button Conf A, and he showed us by pushing each button.

That was really great. Maybe I’ll try that if I’m sure it won’t break my pad again lol.

Square= Lp
Circle- mk
L1 Lp mp HP

Circle, triangle, R1, square, triangle, R1
Inputs can be seen in video as well :o

Good stuff man! nice to see prople playing gen with a pad lol. For anyone having trouble with Mk hands try binding you right analog stick to down left with a rubber band it will give you alot more room to move you thumb down the pad which makes it so much easier to do this even with a normal button config after doing this i found i was hitting mk hands around 95% of the time. My method is close to Genistoptier i run my thumb down from mk to mp,lp,lp,mp,hp is kinda a half circle motion as not get a FA on the 1st and 2nd mp. Alternativly if anyone is trying a slide method down from mk,mp,lp,lp,mp,hp and getting a plinked FA swap mp and hp makes mk hands simple.

Thank you sir! Yeah, it just takes a little bit of practice, and i’m sure after these slight changes for gen, we may see more people picking him up!

anyone have a way to do it with config B?
which is the old original snes config

actually i shall give a reward for this! of one hug…
and yes i can do it but i literally switch the controller over in my hands tekken style to do so which lowers my reaction time on other things

I’ll have to try it, ill let yeh know if I find a simple way of doing it :smiley:

damnit genistopier you were too late!
but nonetheless keep trying. be much easier than switching my fingers over to a different style

Ricky, What have you changed your config/method to?

Also i tried this and i found i could get it around 70% of the time just try sliding from MK > MP (carefull here or you may well get a FA after the mk and waste 2 bars) > LP > LP (Make sure you slide your finger past LP when going down the face of the controller or the 2nd LP wont come out) > MP (Once again be carefull here same time if your finger is to far to the right you may get a plinked FA and waste 2 bars) > HP

so without all the fill MK>MP>LP>LP>MP>HP.

You can literally slide your finger down the entire face of the pad if you switch MP and HP makes it infinitely easier.

Cantplay on pad i said i have it set to B. its the oldschool SNES setup basically.
only way i play. dont wanna get used to anything else. not gonna switch my control around jsut to do one thing. but if i coudl somehow freely do it. it would be insane for me since i alreayd have good poke game without it

Hmm well mate its really what you feel comfortable with you know. It took me probably a good 3-4 hours to find how i was comfortable doing MK>Hands its def not fun on a pad lol. Try a slide method, try sliding your fingers different ways, try going from mk>mp>lp then try n mash out 3 Hp’s really its all about just sitting there in training mode no matter how grueling it is and how badly you want to smash the controller :P.

How exactly are you atempting it atm?

cantplay now i literally switch the controller in my hand tekken style and i can do it 70% plus of the time. but which one comes out is fairly random. anywhere form light to ex. its like a random piano of square triangle l1 and l2. but since its so random theres no way i could ever do anything to follow up

Do you find you mostly get mp by any chance?

either mp or ex mostly i think but i could be wrong honestly.
ill have to experiment and see

Lool, only way I ever could gets hands was from a successful jump in. Mk hands on Pad just rapes me, been at for hours last night. Who ever mentioned the circular motion has a good point n it sounds like it’ll work. I’m gonna give that a try. Great find by the way!

I’ve been doing mk->hands on the PS3 pad with a different input which is, to be honest, not optimal, since it requires the left hand to strech over to the right hand side. I’ve gotten the success rate to about 95% but hands cancels do not work with it. Going to definitely check this out.

This is what I’ve been telling though, mk->hands on the pad is awesome.

Finally got Mk.xxHands down on the pad. Completed Trial 19 finally I can sleep happy.