Gen placing top 8 at a major

do any of you think its possible ?

forget about the tier list for a second. Could it be possible for Gen to place top 8 at a major considering the tools he DOES have ?

Maybe its just me being optimistic, but I think its possible. It would just take a very patient, smart player

No, because nobody uses Gen in a major tournament. No participant, no rank placement.

Actually, yes, I think so. Even in a major he’ll be left as an enigmatic character. It will also depend on who you face, but there will be always some chun/guile players who will eliminate Honda players, which will work in Gen’s favour (personally, I’d rather face anyone else than Honda). This is regarding that the lack of match-up against him is a tool given to him.
If you do not consider the lack of info on him as a tool, then I’m afraid I don’t think so.

I might change my opinion when AE comes out, or if someone entering a major tournament places in top 8 with Gen.

Highly unlikely.

The problem is that, besides gens obvious shortcomings, there is just no solid belief in him. No one has stepped up and played him at tournaments. Everyone just either dropped him or immidiately said he sucked. I sincerely doubt he will be improved alot in AE, but at the very least bring him back to Vanilla standards (though Seth killian said no ex oga invincibility…)

I’ll use Gen at NEC I’ll try my best. Wish me luck!

Good luck Red!

I might see you there…so I’ll look for the gen destorying players :slight_smile:

Starting this winter, I’m going to start taking my Gen to majors. Right now I just feel uncomfortable because my college course load is extremely demanding and limits my time to practice. I don’t plan on switching to my alt unless i fight a hopeless matchup (Probably Honda). Ken does not deserve the 7-3 against Gen. A lot of the match-up information, I think, is too pessimistic.

i will try to go to evo and hopefully do well i fight the best in the west coast daily and do well

shut up drdrem. you have to defeat shen tocky before you can stand a chance

I think gen could win a major, you just need somebody with the right set of skills, and to use gen to his fullest that would require alot of skills…

i think bayarea (drdrem) could do it if he dropped from using some of those super fancy but not useful combos :frowning:
sometimes you remind me of this ancient kung fu master who knows these ancient lost arts and yet a good old fashioned punch to the face from you would do better. a lot of the times i see you lose it seems like a match you could of own if you didnt do some odd combo

Watch me try, once AE drops. I want to be the best US Gen and have it mean something. Then I want to expose Rokotsu and train/experiment with Hoigek :3

Well just go to tournaments when AE drops and you’re halfways there LOL not like there is much Gen competition to go up against besides nubb (and possibly redwolfx if he goes to tournaments dunno).

And btw, Rokotsu is already exposed, a player using turbo is not a real player in my opinion.

huh? what??? you have to beat me first. just press select after you uppercut someone and ill appear.

redwolf does go. he went to nec. but he didnt hear his name the first time and got DQd fo rit then lsot in losers bracket. it wa sjsut an odd event i think. tossed him off his game id say. i think he go ton the stream once and i got on the stream once. we both won our stream fights i belive (7th round i think i made it to or something)

Hahaha! Sure! I don’t mean mirror matches, though, since they are their own animal. I mean tournament success. I have zero experience in the Gen mirror, so please help me learn haha. My internet is shitty at home but I got your PSN invite. I’ll go to a friend’s sometime and we can show each other some moves.

Well hopefully you do, i miss seeing gen because i really like how he plays, id probably consider maining him if it were not for dudley and gen’s high execution factor, id say the time would be right for you to do it too because its seems that gen will be at his best in this version of sf4, so i hope to see it.

You know your gonna have to learn the Mirror match cause I will be at every tourny you will on the local scene! And you can expect me to go to evo this year!!!

I think you’ll get good mirror match info as we will both be frequenting FFA.

You will definitely be going there a lot more than me tho.

And as soon as players start realizing Gens potential they will pick him up. Keno for instance, knows how to play Gen really well!

Both of us are going to have to step our game up!

hmmm… i really want to see a gen MONEY MATCH between secret character and vanesco if vanesco is the gen player i talked to at FFA. you guys are at about the same level with different styles… it should be hype!


That would be Hype!. We had the crowd going in our mirrors at FFA!

Well have to do it someday! We are currently 1 - 1