Gen player feature videos

Hi I’m leGENdary kiryu, you might remember me from such youtube videos as “Gen will kick your ass with is cane” and “How to make the best of your life when you are an old assassin with a terminal illness, but don’t want to stop fighting, so you continue looking for new opponents.”

As some of you may remember I was going to do a Gen collaboration video featuring multiple Gen players within the community. I scrapped that video because I felt it would just be the same thing over and over and would get boring very fast. So this time around I want to feature a Gen player in his own video. Similar to “Magic of series”. There are a few Gen players I’ve been trying to get on about saving their videos and it seems I’m doing a better job collecting my own moments. So this is what I need.

Please PM with your selection on who you’d like to see featured in the first video, and I will contact them and ask them to submit about 20 minutes of footage they would think is exciting. Combos, Supers/Ultras on reaction, Defensive shutdowns, Rush downs, Stuns, Taunts, Funny moments. Stuff like that I want in this video. Not just combos.

Choose two Gen players and I will take the top selection and post who it was in this thread. Please do not post it in here as I want to have multiple videos so I will be asking who you want for Round 2.