Gen player wanting to pick up Ibuki



Been going at it with Gen for a while now ( Started playing Gen throughout half of super up until now ) and I’m need of picking up a more rewarding character. Playing online with Gen ( green bars ) is a piece of cake but he’s ( or I’m ) lackluster when it comes to offline sets, I feel like I could just stick to playing balrog/cody/bison offline due to the results being better but with less effort HOWEVER Ibuki has caught my eye, she’s flashy and a solid character so … How steep is the learning curve and is she worth the effort ? ( a.k.a. is she rewarding enough )


Please post here next time instead of making a new thread: Looking for Love: Ibuki General Discussion Thread

To answer your questions directly:

I’d say fairly steep, but it heavily depends whether you have your fundamentals down already.

To get an idea of where to start, this is a good place:

as well as this:

That really depends on what you’re looking for. Are you playing to win or are you playing for fun? Flashiness is great but it usually does not help you win (unless you are Poongko).

If you are playing for fun, then by all means pick Ibuki, or just pick whoever feels fun to play. If you are playing to win, Ibuki is certainly high enough on the tier list (maybe B+/A?) but I can almost guarantee that you will need to put in a ton of work to actually play “solid” with her and win consistently. There’s a reason why the only really successful Ibuki so far has been Sako.


Thanks, I’ll post in the general discussion next time I make a thread with uh … general discussion. I’m not much of a tournament player but I play alot of offline casuals so I’m not planning on going against anyone with infiltration level of skill. The only thing that confuses me are her amount of TC’s, are they all useful and worth learning/using ? Anyway, I’ll go through the links that you posted and stop asking questions !


Generally, yes. They are about as important to know as each of Gen’s buttons in both his stances.

If you wanted to master a character, you’re going to need to know everything they can do anyways.


Her TCs are a pretty valuable tool, but in the beginning, you’re most likely to only use a few of them moreso than other ones. TC4 is probably her most popularly-used TC.

Her learning-curve can be somewhat steep, and I consider her to be best-suited for intermediate-to-advanced players. Playing her properly requires a strong sense of momentum, strong defense, and the ground game. Most people just see her kunai vortex and write her off as bullshit, but against talented players, you’re going to need more than basic 50/50 mixups to win consistently.


Can’t open the ibuki player guide for some reason, I’ve gotten the " DOWNLOAD IT HERE " email but it just redirects me.