Gen players! Who do you play with besides Gen?



My list:
]Rose, Gouken, Sakura
[]Oni, Dan
]Ken, Sagat, Ryu
Your turn.

  1. Gouken
  2. Guile
  3. Sakura, Vega
  4. Dan, Fuerte
  5. Cody, Guy




I actually used to play Gouken in Vanilla, but at the end of Vanilla i switched to Gen as it was on the way out. I JUST picked up Evil Ryu and i’m having a blast. Really fun to play with. He’s this really unique blend of Akuma and Ryu and not just some clone that i dismissed him off as initially. It’s sick to be able to do 400 dmg on a jump in/FA with relative ease and no bar. A definite change of pace from Gen’s relatively low dmg output. So my list probably looks like this:

1.) Evil Ryu
2.) Gouken
3.) Guile (have played him since SFII)


1.) Cody
2.) Ryu
4.)Ibuki i guess but i have not played her since super first came out.
5.) every other character when i am bored lol. no really you might see me playing honda or even rufus when i am in rank matches.


Yang, Oni, Cody, Guile, Akuma

Occasionally Rose, Ibuki, Dudley and Sagat, but I suck with them more than normal.

Mostly the first two though.

  • Seth: He’s the character I go to when people pick on my Gen and try to come back.
  • Zangief: That’s right bitches. Better start backing yourself in that corner.
  • Honda: Headbutt in your stomach fool. Jump on dat Headbutt status.
  • T. Hawk: I can feel the power of the swag.


Ryu, Ken, Honda, Dudley, Seth, Akuma, Oni, Yun, Juri, Sagat, Cammy, Deejay, Evil Ryu, Balrog
*Underlined/bolded characters are the ones I’ve been playing a lot more than others.




I’ve been trying to learn Hakan. Still working on it, but damn. Gen is easy in comparison…

  1. Fei Long
  2. Blanka, Hakan (learned those two mostly just to troll), Sakura

I dabble around with most characters at least enough for basics and bnbs though?

  1. Gouken
  2. Cammy

Gouken because I’ve just always loved reading someone with a counter and then feeling like king for the next 99s.

Cammy, play her in most other games. Love her playstyle and anyone with aerial mixups and a godlike reversal tends to make me happy as a clam <3


Crane Stance


Gouki, Dan, Rose, Sakura


Vega was my mine in vanilla…the i moved over to balrog after then before super came out i picked up gen and i have been with him ever since :stuck_out_tongue:


1- Vega
2- Guy
3- Gen
4- Oni

I main Vega, just started Gen, but I always liked Vega, then Guy (in endless lobby, his fast pace, often help me to beat a guy then I can chill with Vega or Gen)


i lol’ed.

i run fei.

i want a character with some bullshit tho. fei is too much like work in this one. seths health is too low for me. think im gonna start playing yun or yang


I play Hakan, Rufus, Gouken… I honestly barely use Gen anymore… I probably win the most with him but i cant do slide on the pad I use and I dont think I can get to the next level with Gen if I cant do hands combos (the right way). Hes my technical main.


Eh, I’ve been playing Dudley and Zangeif lately.


Ken, Bison, Gouken.

So what’s with all of us playing Gouken too, something about them geriatric characters…