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Every other character forum has one of these except for Gen it seems, so I figured I’d make an all-inclusive thread instead of making one for my one question. I’ll eventually update the OP here with FAQs if we start to get the same questions over and over again.

My SE stick came in yesterday, and I’m having a really hard time adjusting to Gen. I feel like my game with my other mains (Viper, Cammy) have already improved, but with Gen, it’s like I just started playing him again. I think my big problem is that I’m having trouble adjusting to switching stances by pressing 3 buttons at the same time. So to those with sticks: do you program a button to KKK/PPP to switch stances, or do you do it old school like I’m trying to do? My rationale is that if I ever play a real arcade cabinet with other characters, I’ll be thrown off guard by not having a KKK/PPP macro, so I figure I’d better take off the training wheels and go ahead and get used to it.


Old school way, i only put 6 buttons on my custom build :frowning:


Use 6 buttons, disable the extras.

Yeah I just got my HRAP and I already knew I would have to learn Gen from scratch again, but with tools in the toolbox already, the process will be faster by a lot of course. I am planning on playing other characters for a week or so before I really start to play Gen again. I’ve been doing arcade mode, challenge trials for several characters as much as I can complete, and survival modes to learn all the common motions in muscle memory. Also used the HRAP vs. my main sparring partner for about half of our matches last night before switching to fight pad (his request, he wanted more of that Gen action lol!). Learning to play on a stick from scratch can be tough, and you’ll start to lean more towards playing charge characters, especially if you have a square gate.

I’d recommend playing shotos or Sagat for awhile and abuse specials even if they aren’t practical (go flowchart lol). This will allow you to learn the motions more quickly as they use them way more often than Gen. I found I was very quickly able to play charge characters like Honda, Chun, and Bison as well as I did on a pad more or less. Avoid this though, this won’t get you results. Play characters with quarter circle moves, dragon punch moves, etc.

Basically you want to get to the point where once you play Gen again, all you’re really learning is switching stances the new way with fluency.

Personally, I ordered the octagon gate, because although I actually do like the square, I feel that the octo-gates find the 4 primary directions much more accurately, at the cost of finding the diagonals as easily as a square does. It’s just a preference thing I guess. Still going to use the square for a month or so and who knows, it may grow on me.

Mk xx hands is still pretty damn easy overall but there is too much friction on the buttons for me (my hands don’t get sweaty enough?) So I may need a glove.


Yeah, there’s too much friction for me to do mk xx hands too reliably. Maybe I’ll get used to it.

I’m starting to think that some of my problems stem from a defect in the buttons themselves. I went into training mode and turned on inputs, and it looks like just about every time I try PPP or KKK, the game registers either lk+mk or lp+mp, and will then immediately register the 3 buttons at the same time, even though I only press the buttons once.

I’m not a joystick aficionado like a lot of people here, so can someone tell me if this is something that can be corrected by switching out the buttons?

Madcatz should send a rep out to my house so I can punch him in the face. I realize that the SE sticks are pretty good for the price, but I at least expect the shit to work correctly out of the box.


Could be a defect, but I’m pretty sure that happens normally if you hit all three buttons but fail to do it simultaneously. Try to be really precise and see if it still happens?


Do negative edge inputs show up on input display? Maybe that’s what it is if you don’t release them right away?


Actually, it sounds like your joystick’s working perfectly. From the way you describe it, it just seems to be the game’s input leniency at work. When you fail to hit multiple buttons at exactly the same time, but you’re still really really close, the game forgives and does the 3P input anyway.

So, instead of:
LP+MP, followed closely by HP (what you’re actually hitting in these situations)
The game gives you:
LP+MP, followed closely by 3P

It’s the game that’s doubling your inputs, not your stick. The double input mechanic actually has some useful applications. If you haven’t yet, you should read the sticky topic on plinking in the main forum for more info.


I see.

Actually, it’s probably a bit of both. My buttons are screwed up a bit; my fierce punch button is super sensitive compared to the rest, and my roundhouse button isn’t as sensitive as the others.


No, as Yeb said it’s the game doing that.

BUT I have that same stick and I can tell you in my unlimited experience with buttons of all sizes, makes, and models that the stock ones are complete CRAP. I’d recommend throwing some high-quality Sanwa’s or Seimitsu’s on there. I’ve got Seimitsu’s and haven’t had a problem performing mk xx handslap without a glove on (which I originally wore to reduce the friction on the buttons).


anyone want to sell me a stick for like $20 - $30 dollars? lol


ugh, so i guess not. I really wish i could afford a stick. Maybe it will be my fathers day present to myself


hEh thats what I did. Got the SE fightstick. Supposed to come in this week. Early F-day gift for myself.


i dont think I’ll be able to pass that one by the wife though, considering for mothers day all I could afford to get her was flowers and a card. I spent like $15 bucks, so I can’t really justify turning around and spending about $100 on myself for something like a fightstick. It might have to wait to be a christmas present to myself, or from my wife to me, with my money lol


Sooo what exactly does Gen’s EX Off the wall and rolling attack do special?


AFAIK, EX Oga (off the wall kick) has faster execution time, and I think the recovery time is faster then the roundhouse version but I’m not sure.

The EX rolling attack goes undernearth projectiles. I don’t think it work againist Low Tiger Shots but it does go under everything else.


Hmm that kinda sucks, but thanks… Now I know not to waste my super on those moves haha…


EX Olga is invincible until he touches the wall.

EX roll goes through all fireballs, including low tigershot and Ryu/Sims, Ultra!


EX Oga is overall a very useful wake-up. As SC said, it’s invincible from frame 1 all the way to the wall.

It is a good idea to try to save meter though, as Gen’s supers are actually very useful, but never let that keep you from using an EX Oga to get out of sticky situations.


I feel silly repeating info, but I guess I do want to stress how EX-Oga is a great move that will eliminate the guessing game you have to do with some characters like Gief, Abel, Fuerte!

It costs one stock of meter, but you can easily get that back!


I’ve had a very hard time EX Oga-ing out of meaties; I took a perfect from a Fuerte just trying to do it (because I cared more about practice than winning, I guess). Is there something special about the timing, or do I just suck?