Gen Safejumps vs Blanka and Adon



Forward throw, crane dash, crane crouch medium punch, mantis jump medium kick
Forward throw, mantis dash, mantis standing light kick jump mantis medium kick
(all the above setup has to be frame perfect to work and is safe against the ex rainbow ball and up ball)

Forward throw, crane dash, crane standing light punch mantis jump medium kick

Others except for Hakan
Forward throw, crane sweep, mantis jump medium kick.

Aside from that I have a mixup for you guys, just discovered it tonight, may have been known but still I feel like sharing it.

Forward throw, mantis forward dash walk 2 frames and if you jump early you will cross up and then attack low, but if you delay your jump you will land in front, tested it on abel and because of my new job I can afford to test on others (its 12am here and I have to sleep and wake up by 5am)

If someone can make a video I will be grateful, my internet subscription is out and I can’t make uploads for the time being.

Hope this helps guys.


And also one more thing, there is a mixup I forgot to mention and that is:

in the corner, after a TC2 light gekiro at any point before the final hit quick drop and instantly jump forward, when you land immediately attack with a slight delayed crouch light kick.

the catch is this, if the opponent doesn’t quick rise you will land in front of him and you can continue your pressure but if he quick rises you will land behind him and it happens so fast that your opponent will be blocking high and like an assassin attack him low where it hurts. by the way this works on both corners.


~nice setup …


For the safe jump aganist Adon. May be it is more easier to do like this: Forward throw, dash twice, vertical jmk(mantis) or [SIZE=4]farward jump , dash ,[/SIZE], jmk(mantis).
[SIZE=4] Really easy to control the timing for the dash.(The input system seems allow a very big window for dash (back dash) when the characters are in the recovery… )[/SIZE]


The Blanka safe jump …here…
Check 1:30…

By the way ,I make some of the soft unblock oga … May be it will help .