Gen Stick Art

Hey guys. Just wanted to show everyone who hasnt been pm’d by me my new stick art lol. Its just for us Gen’s :o

Please don’t mind the pictures quality. My camera broke a while ago and I have to use my phone since I can’t afford a new camera atm lol

Its beautiful man, beautiful.

Nice art Evil.

My stick:

very nice art work im looking for a gen art work but i want it to be dark. lol maybe even a zombie gen haha.

I just put my stick together the other night.

EDIT: The other night being last night.

wow nice one tom! guess you found out how to get the pic printed finally. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, nice! Tom, where did you get that art?


reposting mine to throw into the gen stick fun!

I have a new super street fighter stick need to get some new art for that one…i may do an oily hakan theme or a maximum spider gen one

Hey man, would you mind sharing with me that art? i just love it lol
you will never see me in ur life anyaway, i live in mexico.

You guys and your super cool stick art…

Making me jealous =p.

You guys and your super cool stick art…

Making me jealous =p.

I commissioned this artist, Conan Momchilov for it because I saw some of his other stuff and I was really impressed!

I remember seeing this one long ago, I still think it’s awesome!

How much did it cost for a High Res version of that art piece?

here’s the artwork I’m working on. My stick has fully-translucent Seimitsu buttons, and I’ve got a black shaft cover and purple bubble-top on the way.

Should I label the buttons with anything? (Playstation button icons, Xbox button icons, etc?) Should anything else be added?

I would leave the buttons clean personally, looks more arcadey that way. Also, are you planning on leaving the cutout (the part of the image behind the buttons) also in? That would look really cool.

That’s the plan, yeah.

I was bored, not actually gunna go on a stick (I don’t think)

kinda like it

Damn, nice. Love the quote.