Gen T-Shirt. Any ideas?



I want to make a custom T-shirt for gen, for next months tourney. Anyone have Ideas on what will be a badass shirt design for Gen?


how about a blurry picture of gen with the words "you cannot wear what you cannot see!"


I think these would go well as a print:

This on a completely black shirt is a beauty in my opinion. It’s not really a Gen motive but one idea would be to make everything lack a certain amount of colour but Gen, so he would pop out.

This works on a white shirt. Maybe on the back and only Gen’s name in japanese on front. Positioned where big labels put their name, too, somewhere on the top right side. (Probably a golden ratio thing.)

Similar with this one but with the whole picture on your back and just the little Gen on front.


wow, nice ideas, keep them coming.


There is a gen avatar I use to see in this forum, its a black and white gen with blood on his fingers. where can I get that image.


here is the prototype.


What does the japanese say? :slight_smile:


it’s the sentence Gen says when he hits with Zetsuei. In English he says “you cannot dodge what you cannot see”, but the real sentence he says in Japanese would sound more like “you’re at the mercy of my invisible fist”


special thanks to street11 for the translation


thanks schiff


Nice shirt, except for the ugly and tacky bloodstains in the back. I would just opt to go for a simple kanji of ‘Gen’ on the back, much more stylish imo.


what is the kanji of Gen? can you help me with that?



that translates as Yuan?


It should be right. There’s another version according to this wiki:




“I can do mk x hands, mp x hands fadc cl.hp x gekiro and all i got was this lousy t-shirt”


What something like, a picture of Gen and the words “The world’s most dangerous man with a plastic hip”?


lmao! plastic hip!!

#20艮 I found this if its of any use to you