Gen Tactics & Crosses

Hey Guys, I’ve compiled some more info on Gen’s Safejumps and Oga Crosses.

I’m sure there is more info out there that I’m missing so if you find/know any plz post it. I update this data on a regular basis.


-Lets say you land Forward Throw on Ryu and you want to cross him
-If you follow the top row you will find Forward Throw (Oga Cross)
-Once found, you move down the column until you reach Ryu’s Row
-You will notice there is a “c.MP-WF1” in that block
-This translates to Crane crouching MP followed by a Walk Forward Low Oga
-So that means you execute this after the Foward Throw.
-Therefore the full setup becomes “Forward Throw > Crouching Mid Punch > Walk Forward Slightly > Low Oga Cross (Far Kick)”

good job! Sigh, playing Gen requires a tiny handbook for all character specific things…

He is an advanced character for sure but he is the most fun to play. A single forward throw or sweep can turn into 900 dmg if you land two crosses well :slight_smile:

So how exactly do you do a walk forward oga?

You down charge obviously. Then you do a DP motion but instead of going to Forward you go to the corner. So you’d do:d:Charge, :f::d::uf:. So when you do it you walk forward for like what 1 frame? I forget the frame data, but that’s what you do.

I see… I’ll try my best to master this by next Wednesday…

Is there an easy way to remember how to do cross up ogas? The set up is different for different characters, but how do you arrange them in your mind? By size?

Basically, what is the easiest way to pull off a cross up oga during a game?

Alternatively, you can just charge down-forward, then slowly roll the stick to forward, hold for a frame or so and then up-forward for oga. You don’t -have- to go back to down, but it might be easier for you if you do.

Wait, what? That’s completely wrong. You don’t need to return to down again, and the extra time that takes literally makes certain crossups impossible.

Whenever you do a special move, the game gives you a certain window to complete the motion and hit the button. With a charge move, that window allows you a certain amount of time between hitting down and up (or back and forward.) You could theoretically do whatever you want in between, even make a pretzel motion before hitting up+K.

The right way to do it is to just slowly go from down-forward to up-forward, spending a few frames at straight forward in between. You could also go from down-back to up-back+K, and then move to up-forward before the move leaves the ground to have a backwards walking forward wall dive. Those are tricky.

If that is completely wrong, why does it work? How about saying that’s a harder way to do it? Cuz that’s how I get it to work. I do it really fast and it works just as Hoigek’s videos.

If you slowly go from :df::uf: slowly, you jump.

I meant you have the mechanics completely wrong, which is why I explained them. You’ll only jump if you go to up-forward too slowly and the window on the charge move has closed. That happens with your method if you do it too slowly as well.

Even the standard forward throw setup usually requires walking forward multiple frames, your method makes it substantially more difficult because of the wasted time. You walking forward 2 frames is probably like the more direct method walking forward 6.

Edit: Actually, I bet you’re going to forward again in the second half of your DP motion without realizing it, so you’re probably walking forward in two separate parts. Doing what you described and going from straight-down to up-forward would give you one miniscule forward step and make most setups unrealistically difficult.

Please explain this with direction icons. Cuz when you explain it, then you added your edit. It sounds like how i do it. So please enlighten me. I’d like to know the proper way but seeing it the way you write it out doesn’t make sense to me when you started adding all this other stuff.


:d: Charge, :f: for a frame, :uf:+K?

:df: charge, :f: for a frame, :uf: + K. It’s a fairly smooth motion after you have the :df: charged. Just roll the stick to :f:, then when you get to :uf: hit K.

^^What he said. Charge:df:,:f:(1+ frames),:uf:+K.
The advantage to this is simplicity and control. If your kick whiffs, you didn’t walk forward far enough. If it’s blocked, you walked forward too far (which isn’t always possible, depending on the setup.)

Now, what you described: Charge:d:, :f::d::uf:+K
This leaves an extremely small window to walk forward.

What I suspect you’re actually doing: Charge:d:,:f::d::f::uf:+K
By returning to forward again, you’re probably walking farther than you realize. This complicates things, because a fast sloppy motion like this could produce the same results as a slower precise motion where you don’t hit forward a second time.

OKay thanks. :slight_smile:

So which strength of oga do we use to cross up? What is the most viable way to pull off a cross up oga during a real game?

It’s all in the chart in the first post.

As far as the most viable, people don’t seem to expect/don’t react fast enough to the corner back throw oga in my experience. Off of forward throws, I tend to just use the safe jump setups rather than the crossup ogas.

Guys i just found that when u reversal sakura by EX Gekiro or any kinds of his Gekiro you can direct cross up her with mk.oga … try this please

and i know that there are a number of cast u do this on them … please i want some one to confirm this by testing sakura and others casts so, we can add new tricks of Gen ???

-Al Mantis

Honestly I tried learning crossup Oga and found it didnt work that much for me so I kinda scrapped it. anyway I cant believe my Gen actually got better after leaving him for a month and half then spending an hour every day practising gekiro, hands and combo techniques lol!

will test it out tonight.