Gen top player?

Oh, my… look at what I found on some Japanese websites… I’ll transliterate in English

Top ten! The data was collected on December 29. I guess he’s Amiyu99 on xbox live…

Nice. But yea there’s already a video showing his Gen beating a Makoto player in AE…didn’t know he made top ten tho

Yes that is indeed amiyu99, that’s pretty sick I can’t believe Gen made it into the top 10 of AE arcade rankings.

I think it’s a combination of:

  1. his skill obviously.

  2. People having no idea what Gen is (and now he is buffed so even better) capable of in the first place and are getting exposed.

Props to this guy, hopefully some more sweet footage will arise sooner or later.

I think he’s top 10 because STILL after a few years noone knows how to fight Gen and panic during a fight. lol

Props to the man.

Btw, 3 Yuns in top 10? lolz