Aight I need some advice on who to main, as I’ve been playing gen/viper for a long time but I feel I really need to invest into one of them fulltime.

I can basically do most of the somewhaqt advanced stuff with both, like mk hands mk hands, and incorperating vipers feints into combos and chaning seismos, instant burning kicks and all that. But I just can’t decide. Right now my Gen is definately better, but that’s mainly due to him being easier to play as than Viper (imo). I like both of them…

This might seem pointless but who would you choose and why would you choose that character?

It will really help me out if you guys could help me decide! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

i really like everything viper is about, so i would go with her.

with viper you can pretty much psychologically own people moreso than other characters

i think i can see where you’re coming from. i like and use both of them, but i’m sure my gen is better than my viper. they aren’t my main, (rufus is) but i’ll gladly use gen or viper for certain matches (sagat)

it depends what you’re looking for. if you a character that dishes out damage quick with ambiguous crossups and shit, then go with viper. but if footsies are your thing, then go for gen. they are a like in so many ways and different in so many ways.

how they are alike:
-trickery, both characters have a lot of tricks up their sleeve,
-back dash, both characters have a really good backdash
-shitty stamina, just dont get hit too much with these 2
-spotty command anti air: gens gekiro and vipers hp tk basically have the same properties. both loses to meaties and throws and takes a while for it to come out.
-armor breaking, both characters can fuck up focus attacks well. mk xx hands, xx thunder knuckle.
-matchups. they have very similar good and bad matchup. i think they belong in the same ranking.

how they’re different:
-normals/footsies: gens normals = solid, vipers normals = ass.
-stun power: viper is the queen of dizzing an opponent. gen can hit you a thousand times and you still wont be stunned.
-focus attacks: gens=one of the best in the game, vipers = one of the worst.
-wakeup/reversals: gens ex oga = almost universal solution to everything but usually just an escape move that doesn’t hurt the opponent. vipers wakeup/reversals = has a lot of them and very situational. however, you can almost always tag an ultra afterwards or at least another hit afterwards.

i like gen cuz hes chinese and he does kung fu. his design is based on one of them old chinese kung fu master in kung fu flicks. sure theres a lot of them in fighting games, but he was the first.

imo, i think gen is easier to play. i think viper takes a lot more execution than gen.

how well do you trust your execution on viper? because even though the smallest mistake messes them both up, viper is really wide open and vulnerable if you mess up. even if you mess up on safe moves (like instant burning kick. oops i put myself in the corner!) , you are going to lose momentum and/or position, and viper is all about momentum.

Invest more time in Viper because Gen’s changed considerably in SSFIV from what I’ve read. It’s pointless trying to perfect techniques that only work in SFIV.

I think you should go with Gen. Everything about Gen just oozes with pure coolness.Gen’s like that cat in the old-skool kung fu flicks at the end of the film with a deadly ancient technique he learned over a 20 year period. Who the fuck is C. whats her face compared to this dude. Some chick on a cell phone? I see lots of them throughout a regular day at the mall. Plus Gen has 4 ultras, count em… 4 son! Also anybody who is good with Gen always gets made props. Another thing, Gen been here since ST 1.

Hey thanks for the write-up!

After reading the news posted by yeb today of his impressions of Gen in Super, I think I’ll stick with Viper for the duration of vanilla and probably Super too.
Basically Gen is getting some pretty retarded nerfs and almost nothing in return (faster walldive, just what we needed -_-).

My vote goes for viper because I think she’s very unique and takes a lot of effort to be good with.

With viper the time you put into her will really show because unless you know what you’re doing she has a lot going against her.

I’d choose Viper on fact of she is such a wonderful character if you can use her efficiently.

but then I like Gen because they are so few and far between.