Gen Vs Run Away Ken



Does anyone have any advice on the run away ken match up (Already looked at gen match up threads).

The kind of run away ken im talking about is not your usual SRK mashing ken scrub… the ones who will jump back hk you out of oga and do you every jump in.

Anyone have any advice on this match up?


I had to deal with a Ryu who had the same plans. Patience is the key here. It’s a slightly easier match for Gen since you don’t get to deal with Ken’s mix-ups as much. It’s important that you work him into the corner, stay at the distance where only his f.MK can hit you and just trap him and keep laming until he adjusts.

  • Sit on leads, be content with getting slight FA1 damage from f.MK until you knock him down mid-screen.
  • Use mantis c.HP when he attempts neutral j.MK to hold his position.
  • DO NOT go air-to-air if you don’t have the advantage.
  • When you feel Ken’s going to air tatsu out of the corner, use crane neutral j.LK.


Thanks Thebook24 yeah I find it personally alot easier to deal with a run away ryu there a little more hesitant about spaming insanly fast recoving SRK’s :stuck_out_tongue:


Neutral Jumping normals are your friend here. If you have great reactions you can stuff all of his jump-ins.
Spacing is key. His pokes are super fast and can combo into each other, he can poke mid and low very fast. People say Gen has some of the best pokes. He has good pokes but compared to Ken, I’m sorry, Gen is too slow and doesn’t have the range. I’d love to see a great gen with good pokes go up against a very solid Ken. I’ve yet to see it.

I think you need to put in a bit more detail, you shouldn’t be oga’ing for no reason. Baiting and last resort are really the only two times you should be using Oga vs Ken. I use it to bait out SRKs and Ultras. If I’m on fighters edge, I’ll go for something stupid that they might not expect since it’s so unsafe.

When you say run away I think all he does it jump back and defend. If he is doing that switch to crane and just walk. Really, you shouldn’t be jumping in on Ken. Walking and dashing is your friend in this match up. Learn your AA’s and what ones to use and when.

basically you need to play amazing defense in this match-up. In my experience your attacks should be mainly counters. Baiting SRKs and countering them. You need to read your opponent very quickly, find out if they are going to mash SRK between your attacks then bait them out. It’s frustrating trying to play a high level game with tick throws n such when they are just mashing srk so it comes out when your attacks drop online.


Thanks man :slight_smile: I think your right with all that it seems like the way to go.

The only time im really using oga its a feint to try and bait out the SRK to give me a little bit of time to move in (most run away kens i have played cant play a close offensive game without mashing SRK)

and a bit more detail to what i am meaning by run away ken. A Ken who will use lp hadouken to zone you and use fwd mk as a follow up to break up any FA attempts if your in somewhat close and will dp all your jump ins. Mixing the two i personally have found very few ways around it. And yes jump back HK any jump in that is not DP’d. And once your in will do anything possible to get out of close combat eg. air tatsu out of the corner.