Gen vs Shin Akuma in SSF4AE

I have reached Shin Akuma twice in Arcade mode and I must say he is a beast or more like BROKEN TIER!!! Has anyone beaten Shin Akuma before?

never heard of him…

dude are you kidding me, maybe you dont play arcade mode often, the hidden boss characters are Shin Akuma, Shin Gouken, Shin E.Ryu and Shin Oni

The shocking part is that Shin Akuma U1 is totally invincible during the active frames and the speed is faster than Gen U1, tried to counter it with U1 he just passed through me. teleport is totally invincible, he throws double air fireballs without ex.

lol! Sorry! I thought you meant a player with that name! Yes, I defeated him and Shin Gouken (and Evil Ryu and Oni) on the most difficult mode… just find the holes in their pattern… then it’s easy :slight_smile:

with Zangief it was easy, but with Gen lol!!! thats another story.
hey Schiff, who are you planning to play on sfxtk? I am kinda stoked because I spent so much time playing Gen that I suck with anyother character lol! who do you think is similar to Gen in SFxTK

I think I won’t get SFxT… no character appeals me, really. I guess I’ll stick with AE2012 and my Gen. Ah, these days I’m toying a bit with Yun, now that nobody uses him anymore (seriously, the Yun forum here is totally empty) and it’s rather fun, maybe I’ll make him my second. :slight_smile:

Lol! Yeah. I’m learning Viper now. She is kinda fun IMO. But d more I play her the more I understand why ppl hate her, her mixup game is so deadly that there is no time to react to it lol. I will play Lei Wulong and King in SFxTK though. Lei is the closest to Gen due to his stances normal. Crane. Snake and drunk styles. I’m not a big fan of the glow but still I will play ot a bit. Mwybe Gen will be dlc lmao.

Mh? I don’t know Tekken at all and I haven’t seen this Lei so far… but if it is as you say, there may finally be a character that interests me! Thanks man! Anyway give Yun a try, too. He is very different from AE since now he has to win “honestly”… personally I love his palm move, so flashy and cool :smiley: Viper… don’t know, I always considered her out of place in SF :frowning: I managed to get some experience against her and now I usually manage to win against players of my level… maybe because most of them become really predictable…

Yun is too hard for me bro. Am sticking with Viper lol

you play gen! how is yun hard lol.

his links are wierd lol! and Gen is now in my blood so he is the easiest character in the game for me now