Gen vs Zangief help?



I’ve been facing a lot of high level Zangiefs lately and I’m having a real hard time as Gen in this match up. Every tier list and match up chart I’ve looked at says this is in Gen’s favor but I’m having a hard time seeing why. Anyone have any tips or tricks to help a fellow Gen player out?


Genrally for me zangief is a 5-5 matchup or a 6-4 in favor of gief if they know the match up. Zangief cannot jump in on Gen easily due to mantis crouch hp, crane crouch hk and jump hp. Gen cqn also keep him out with crouch mp x hands for the most part. The problem is that Gief can grab Gen for wiffing anything from cr mp to sweep. And also your have to be on point with your combos. Also try to minimize jumping because the lariat will mostly trade. You just have to be patient


The match isn’t really in Gen’s favor, because his AA is so very situational and Gief can benefit a lot from a single mistake. But Gen does have plenty of tools to keep him at bay. Just a few things you have to be very, very wary of in this match:

[]Ultra 2 when going air-to-air/backdashing/jumping out for obvious reasons.
]Headbutt because it makes you either walk into a corner to lose stun or give him free damage.
[]s.MP/s.LK/s.MK counterpokes. Gen’s pokes are not free by a long shot, especially when Gief is in the sweet spot to counter them.
]Gap closers (c.MK, s.HK, s.LK xx Green Hand) that result into a guessing game.
[]Double Knee makes some AA’s whiff and trades at times, leaving him a bit closer than you’d prefer to have him.
]Surprise long sweeps if you block high too much. You can counter these on block with reversal super.
[]Reaction SPD/EX Green Hand when your pokes become predictable.
]Adjust your distance when he’s in the sweet spot, about 10 tiles/squares(?) away from Gen in Training Mode where s.HK barely whiffs. Crane s.HP would still be able to hit, but against a good Gief you’ll see the world spinning before that move hits active frames.


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I’m with ugo_2u on this, I think if both players know the matchup it’s sliiiightly in Gief’s favor, maybe 5.5-4.5 As long as your footsies are on point it really depends on either you whiffing something or Gief guessing right


Yeah, 5-5 seems a lot more believable to me. Very helpful tips, thanks guys ^^


May be the key is “a good reaction speed”…


I find this match really challenging if the Gief player knows what he’s doing, especially against Vangief. Obviously you’d try to keep him out, I switch AA’s between Mantis C.hp and Crane; Mantis C.hp for far jump ins, Crane for close jump ins.

An interesting tip is when he his you with SPD and follows up with green hand, you’re in range for a grab, then you can start your wall dive vortex or into ultra.


I usually play in and out with Gief. is out if his SPD range and C.hp is a faster poke when needed. Sometimes I’ll bait U2 by faking a wall kick, but generally speaking, don’t press up when he has that ultra ready.


I Personally think gen-geif is 5-5. Ive played high level geifs and the matchup gets down to a footsies battle. Gens long range pokes can do wonders on keeping geif out of close range. Buffering normals into hands helps reset the spacing and puts geif at a longer range. The issue can be geif can do a lot of damage and exploit gens defence holes, and as well gens AA is situational so watch for jump ins. The best place to be is to sit just outside of spd range, but dont back dash away. Keep your normals to a minimum and keep him from moving forward or pressing too much. I like to pick U2 in order to punish spd or green hand on a jump back. Also lariat > crossups, I learned that the hard way :(. Also lariat is throwable but thats still risky.


and remember that gief can spd wiff sweep lol