Gen wishlist....

If they ever patched the game and gave Gen 1 new ability or buffed up a current ability what would you want?

I’d want his air throw. I would kill for an air throw.

Any of these would be cool:

  1. a fireball, called “Hadogen!!”
  2. EX Oga to hit on the way up like Vega’s walldive :slight_smile:
  3. Instant Gekiro
  4. Make crane normals safe on hit/block.

1: EX Oga to be Fast as Hell, as it was to be used to in A2 and A3.
2: Mantis S.MP overhead, make it faster
3: Less Recovery Frames on the C.HK (Crane) anti-air
4: Chain Combos back, like A2 and A3’s combo, (mantis) C.lp,, c.lp, xx (Mantis) Super, (Crane) Ultra. or also c.lp,,, c.hp
5: Fix the damn Damage Scaling
6: normal roll to pass under fireballs and ex-roll to give more hits and less startup frames.
7: Ex Gekiro should do 1 more hit than HK Gekiro, and have invinsibility frames. (requires timing on gekiro)

If it would be only one thing then… i would choose the Roll.

  • Gekiro needs throw invincibility. Being grabbed out of it is stupid. Maybe give it to just LK and EX just to give people a reason to ever even do other versions than HK.

  • Aside from EX escapes Oga is pretty worthless. All versions really should get buffed up in speed department at least during the initial “going to the wall” part.

  • 2 changes to the PPP ultra.

  1. More invincibility. It would be nice if you could actually use it against Ryus hados consistently.
  2. Either a bit more reach or a bit less start-up. It would be nice if you could nail it consistently after any hit of Crane against all characters.

Picking just one I’d definitely go for some extra ultra invulnerability. 1-8 would be really nice.

These are in no particular order.

air grab
instant gekiro (instant otg for throw defense if nothing else!)
a real ex gekiro (one that does something)
reasons to use short or forward kick gekiro
grab option for oga
1000 health
1000 stun
I like the idea of oga hitting on the way up
more hit/block stun on roll (for fadc fun!)
fadc capability on more hits of hands (like honda)
5 frames invincibility on mantis ultra?
combo crane j.fierce into mantis ultra
slightly larger attack boxes on hands

why the hell not:
command grab in mantis
charge fireball in crane (kikouken?)
cure for leukemia

Would that make it efficient enough for decent follow-ups?

I agree with this. It’s simply stupid to get knocked back by a Sonic Boom, while Jyasen’s line is pretty much below it anyway.

For originality’s sake: c.HP in crane could be made faster. The damage is insane, but hardly usable at this point. And about HP/Stun: I think it’s pretty much balanced compared to what Gen “can” dish out, although it’s debatable based on priority.

Id be happy with just this.


I think Oga should be sped up and an Air throw would be nice.

No vulnerability frames on stance switch would be my only request.

God, so right. I think I’d actually change my request. I forget thats even there sometimes only to bite some mean combo.

Hey yeah that’s a pretty good one. I don’t run into it as an issue a lot but it is silly.

i wish the mantis ultra would go straight through fireballs similar to Abel’s, etc. that would be nice lol
airborne state after he leaves the ground with gekiro
making his roll able to go under fireballs would be nice, at least the shortest one cause EX isnt safe unless you want to put 2 bars into FADC
i think those are pretty reasonable tbh.

Mantis ultra through fireballs would really help our psychological power in a lot of match-ups. Truth.

Indeed. At Evo I actually scared a Sagat from throwing tiger shots because I randomly tried to ultra when it was right in my face, obviously missed it cause the timing is so strict and it has to be close and a fast fireball. But he never threw another tiger shot when I had an ultra.

Would be nice if the super wasn’t so random on what it goes under. You have to use mp super and it has to be a fast fireball. If its a slow one it will just hit you.

Oh, I just figured one I would take even more than that ultra inv.

  • No delay to stance change after aerial move > stance change. This is actually one of my biggest beefs just because it’s annoying. It’s avoidable but very annoying.

Ive found a good use for the delay. This would hurt gen more than help.

The single most important change would be this. Capcom, give us 1 good reason why we should us EX Gekiro? If I had any question to ask Capcom’s Ono it would be this. What was your reason of not adding anything to the properties of Gekiro. Was input difficulty really the winning answer?

I wish people would just learn to use their character.

Dude these people are really good with Gen, Gen just isn’t good enough for them.

So guys I was thinking next time Gen could get a dragon punch in mantis style and the mantis crouching fierce would go down to 7 frames of startup and hit overhead, that way we can beat people. Also gekirou is 5 times as hard to do as a dragon punch it should do 5 times as much damage.

Could you also inform me on what this use is, please?