"Gender issues" themed kickstarter legal scam #2

This time it’s way more blunt, but still payed off.

All the journalists around the world (and I mean around the world, in non-English languages as well) just published it as is without doing any research, or even caring about the blatant demagogy and lack of internal logic. Don’t trust journalists.


People with some common sense calling her out:

Example comment:

Are we spraying gatorade on crops yet?

This is pretty much undermining any efforts women are trying to make.

Terrible, who would encourage their kids to make a JRPG?
They should have made a first person shooter or an visual novel where THEY are the rapist.
Victims no more!

Once again women trying to cut corners as opposed to actually doing real work thus ruining it for others who are actually doing legit things.

Multi millionaire asks for $829 and gets 22K…hmmm I should make my 1 million dollar kick starter for 12 year olds drawing pictures of ponies my top priority.

The idea of a little kid making a game for other kids is cute however, the way the scumbag mom is going about it is disgusting…it should be ME collecting all that stupid cash money not some rich bitch! I hope the 9 year old girl molests one of the female counselors so the ensuing legal battle over the years drains the mom of her funds.

#Player haters ball.

Yo kickstrter is easy money. All you have to do is be a female.

Or pretend to be one… cups hands together menacingly whilst recalling the Glovegirl fundraiser

Honestly, I knew kickstarter was just begging to be abused like this since day 1. If people are willing to shell out over $100,000 for useless shit like videos about female video game stereotypes and “bronies” it doesn’t surprise me at all that people are going to cyber-beg using their own children as pivots. There are just too many holes in the site. There’s no way to tell how badly these people are scamming you and even if they will actually honor their cause and do the things they have promised. At this point I doubt kick starter will take the page down and that 10k will soon balloon over 100k before the deadline.

Did anyone else notice she preemptively included a $10,000 reward level for an $829 goal? Wow I ain’t even mad, totally respect the hustle.

“Kickstarter does not allow charity, cause, or “fund my life” projects. Check out our project guidelines for details.”

I wonder if enough people will report this as a scam to shut it down, and return the money donated. As much as these fools don’t deserve it I’d rather them have it then let this greedy 1% cunt get another dime.

I agree with you.

crowd funding + misandry/feminist cause + think of the children = PROFIT

At this point I feel stupid for not doing the same thing.

That shit was a tragedy…

Top fighting game player: I need some monies to go to SBO and win for the USA.



Glove"Girl": Teehee can I get a free ride to SBO to take pics?



Yeah. I’m doin this whole shit wrong. Where the fuck is my Kickstater?

I made my part and reported that shit, i assume that all of SRK’ers did the same

Not more disgusting then asking for money so you can not take pictures when you get there.

Jokes on you. Kickstarter doesn’t work for black women. Megamilk and video games will get you a few bucks for some fast food though.

I forget what became of that. People didn’t actually pay for her to go did they?

Yeah…they likely did
The White Knights were in full effect that day.

They did pay her, she went, she took shitty pictures (there’s a reason you can’t really find them anywhere) the first day and sat on her ass the rest of the weekend.

I thought the point of Kickstarter was to get money from other people to start a project? What does it matter if they are rich? As long as they deliver on what they promise they should be allowed to take stupid people’s money.