Genei jin combo Q

sorry if this is already answered in the genei jin thread, but how do u link up(with your chr in his own corner, ie. not being able to reach the opposite corner) cr. lk, palm, dash punch? I see it done all the time, but i can only do it if the palm knocks the chr into the corner. If im full screen the dash/lunge punch misses. How is this done at full screen?

Thnx in advance :tup:

do u have to do all that stuff before it, cant u just do it out of cr. short, palm, into lunge. My lunge always misses if im mid-screen, is there a trick to it?

ooooooh my bad try using jab palm and doing lunge immediately after palm recovers you wanna be moving towards them before they really start to fly

didnt know it wolnt work at full screen, got mixed up between full screen and full stage