Genei jin for scrubs

help me, i can’t do the standard corner genei jin combo. i’m of course talking about:

s.jab -> s.short -> s.strong XX genei jin, s.strong, f+fierce, [f+forward, f+forward, qcb+jp]x2 -> etc.

the problem i have is, i can not for the life of me do s.strong, f+fierce. the s.strong will hit but the f+fierce gets blocked. is it just hard timing and i’m too slow?

It’s not hard timing, but it’s way different on dc and arcade. However since you said you can connect st. strong fine I don’t really think that’s the problem. You’re probably just pressing the fierce button a little late… Personally I just hold forward and tap strong, then fierce quickly.

Oh? OK, i’ll try it at the arcade.

Waaaay different -_-.
I almost feel that I actually get worse if I practice yun on the DC

expecially the standing strong after GJ activation, the timing is so different that playing one version fucks up the other.
So, stick with arcade (or ps2, hopefully :D)

Try c.strong, f+fierce.



s.strong, f+fierce shouldn’t be a problem… most people have a problem connecting the s.strong after activating. i think the speed of pressing hte buttons is pretty similar to his lp,lk,mp series.

i don’t really pay attention when i do it, it just works for me :smiley:

the difference in DC and ARC does not lie in linking strong to fierce. it’s in linking the standing strong after the activation. in the DC, you press it a tad bit earlier than in the arcade. outside of that, there’s no difference in timing the two.

cr. strong to forward fierce is a bad idea, as it can lead to worse problems for beginners. this lies in the crouch to forward motion, because most players are lazy and do not set it to neutral first. your best bet is just to continue to practice (regardless of DC or ARC, because your problem isn’t one that pertains to a platform problem) – just tap strong and fierce in succession. i always use my index and middle finger, respectively. training mode is your friend. stop wasting tokens. :stuck_out_tongue:


After s lp, s lk, s mp I try to activate and all Yun does is play with his damned hat…wtf?


HAHAHA, you play too much cvs2, btw im quiksilver21 at gfaqs, when they say activate they mean activate genei jin (qcf x2 any p).

Re: EH?

Yeah, I was hoping for a laugh :smiley:

Listen to exodus.

When Yun activates, you have less time between when the lightning clears and the opponent recovers. You should be thinking about hitting a MP right as Yun finishes saying “-Jin”.

Real (Arcade lol):
You have a split-split second more between the super-clearing and opponent’s recovery. You kinda have to be patient and watch the “Zoom-Out” happen from the SA activation.

In either case, you pretty much can’t link the Strong-F+Fierce too fast.
The longer you take, the more of a chance the opponent will recover.
You should be thinking like Ken’s Strong-Fierce, but a little quicker.

I myself have problems connecting a palm after f+mkx2. What should I do?

I tend to forget about the palm since I miss it and just s.fp.

palms are hard to connect on some characters…
try it on q/elena, i’m pretty sure you won’t miss the juggle. :smiley:

yeh the whole time i was practicing on Yun. Practicing on Ken I was able to do the palms.

And practicing on DC let me see that s.fp’s do more damage on DC than palms do. So I’ll just stick to those cause of the damage.

In arcade ill palm.

(near corner), F+FP;, s.FP, B+FP XX (genei jin), mp shoulder,, jp shoulder, jp lunge punch, s. mp, jp shoulder, jp palm strike, FP lunge punch, s. mk (launch), RK.

That’s what I usually do.
I don’t think it does all that much damage though.