Genei jin! =X

Aight i been playing yun for awhile i know some setups but when i see the japanese they do alot more that either seem to take more life or just look cooler… =/

so whats a good mid screen setup? i normal just do strong, fierce punch, then fierce shoulder thingy to the corner =>

and in the corner i just do strong, forward fierce, hop kick x2, palm ,hop kick x2, palm , qcf qp, medium kick, forward fierce punch, qcf qp

yea so im ghetto ^.^ anyways just looking for some setups thx i just woke up before work so i decided to ask woot -_-

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Hey is this thread dead? Lets get this going I would like to know some yun combos as well.

dunno just started it i wanna see pyro get up in this hahah

Look there too.

Genei Jin Ending

Here’s a new ending that can get you some more damage for a corner genei-jin combo.

The timing is a little harder to do vs shoto-size characters but it does work. Chun and elena are easy to do this vs:

Jab short strong xx genei jin
strong -> forward+fierce
hop kick hop kick
palm strike
hop kick hop kick
palm strike


Wait for a moment until your genei jin is just about to end and their character is beginning to fall, then do a fierce rush punch.

You want the rush punch to knock them as high as possible, then walk forward just a bit and do standing forward kick so the tip of the foot barely knocks them up a little bit more and do an immediate fierce palm strike and finish with a medium or jab lunge punch.

Just a new ending I remembered them doing over there in 3s heaven (Japan). :cool:

Genei Jin Ending

u rule

Disclaimer: These are my findings based on the DC version. I’ve just read that the damage of s.hp within Genei Jin is generally more than the Palm - as opposed to the arcade. How accurate these are I don’t know. I highly doubt they are but of course I could be wrong.

I suppose it looks cooler but i don’t think it’s more damaging than using s.hp instead of the palm and ending with the regular finisher. (ie chain, activate,, f.hp,,, s.hp,,, s.hp, (another s.hp for some chars), shoulder, shoulder, f.hp, lunge punch.

afaik, the only time to use the palm (in the corner, and other than for cosmetic purposes) is somewhere near the start of the combo - say after, you can do palm then kara palm. otherwise, if you start with the chain combo, u should only use the palm if you added the shoulder (to gain that extra bit of meter) to the chain before activating geneijin. even then, for max damage, it’s best to use the regular finisher instead of the more popular (palm, dp with k, lp shoulder, f+hp, lunge punch) as it (the regular finisher) is much more damaging (admitedly, variety do make the combos cooler to watch).

sorry for not knowing the names of specials.

Hehe… good job covering yourself. Stupid DC version.

Yay for Arcade version.

Man no one posts in here anymore ;).

Yeah in the arcade palm strikes do much more than standing fierces. The DC version is weird :cool:

Yeah… too bad you can palm strike all the characters. :frowning:

Also… is it just me or in the DC version if you juggle Q with 3 palm strikes he just falls right through all other attacks that follow afterwards?

(in regards to a genei jin palm having higher damage on arcade) it does ?? damn…

what is the actual damage difference between DC and arcade?
any other differences related to geneijin?

what’s a good mid (outside of f+hp range) to full screen geneijin combo (from lp-lk-mp chain)? the most damaging on the dc (i have to say that everytime now :bluu: ) i’ve figured is 69pts on a standing ken.

thx pyrolee.

On the DC version, if you super-jump-super cancel into geneijin from the (or alternatively, super cancel the mp/hp shoulder), you can only do 3 palm strikes on any character before the weird juggle limit applies meaning you can’t hit the opponent at all anymore. I don’t know if this applies in the arcade since I don’t ever get a chance to do the above setups in the corner (and if i do, i’ll probably screw up the kara palm).

I’m not sure what the actual difference in damage is but I know for sure that palms hurt more on the arcade. I also notice that the genei-jin timing must be done faster on dream cast and it’s also easier to connect the final dash punch on certain characters compared to the arcade.

When I do a full screen genei-jin I usually just do the KO ripoff of shoulder over and over. Jab short strong xx genei-jin strong into strong-shoulder then fierce-shoulder over and over until you hit the corner and then finish with strong-shoulders and then do forward+fierce medium dash punch.

Which fullscreen do you do to get 69 damage?

u own

Haha thanks :cool:

I figured it wasn’t just me. Blah I hate the DC Version sometimes. Why can’t they just make a freakin arcade perfect port? Enough ranting though.

Oh, and you don’t have to Kara-palm Q.

my full screen is:
lp-lk-mp chain, activate genejin, mp X mp shoulder, hp shoulder, hp lunge punch, walk towards a bit, palm, hp lunge punch (pretty much in corner now), take a little step forward, palm, late hp shoulder, (geneijin finished), mp shoulder, f+hp, lp lunge punch (from my exp, no damage diff if mp lunge punch is used).

while it sounds like it wouldn’t take a lot coz of the 2 lunge punches, the palm deals quite a bit of damage somehow. the finisher too of course.

KO’s one does 66 on a standing ken iirc. i think i’ve seen u do others (from the early may ucla tourney vid but i could be wrong). what variations do u use?

for mid-screen, i either do the same as the full screen one, or i rip what the japanese do (ie after activation, mp, f+hp, lunge punch, palm, easy ver kara palm if opponent is high enough etc). i’d rather do the full screen one since it’s actually more damaging, but since doing a lunge punch in the corner looks pretty ugly, i use the japanese variations to please the crowd.

Hello all-haven’t posted in a while. Too much GGXX :slight_smile:

I finally got around to really working on my Kara palm and it’s coming along great. Weird timing to get used to.

But anyway–

This is one of my midscreens which I saw Mester do. Not too sure if this is exactly or not but it goes like this…

jab short strong XX GJ Strong>Fierce>Fierce shoulder>Fierce Shoulder–>S.J.Forward

this part resets and there are 2 ways you could end from here.

  1. launcher > wait for a bit >hop kick (the wait is necessary because you want them to fall forward)

Palm>fierce shoulder>strong shoulder>F+Fp>Rush Punch

  1. launcher > early hopkick > (they fall backward) fierce rush punch (hit and pass through them)> Launcher > early jab f+fierce target combo>walk under>combo with whatever…

So I’d love to hear some more kara combos and setups from people.

Pyrolee–Are you going to MWC?? If you do I may consider going else, I’ll just work.

Erm… I’m a 3S newbie…

Kara-Palming? Kara-cancelling? Is that when you cancel a move and gain it’s range? :confused:

I’m currently eating, otherwise I’d take the time to do some research. Anybody who could fill me in I’d be very grateful. I’m trying to learn Yang & Yun ^_^.

Could any of Yun’s combos apply to Yang, or be somewhat made to be similar?

Eh, I doubt I’ll go, you should come to evo tho thats where the crazyness will be.

That’s what I was thinking. Since Mester–or any Yun freak :slight_smile: – is not going to be there I figure why bother. I’ll see if I can make the big trip to evo.