Geneijin setup

How do you input the setup for mk xx geneijin i ve seen KO did it against Daigo

You need to super jump cancel the mk on the first qcf rotation.
if you play MvC2, its like cable’s instant hyper beam.
If you played old street fighters, imagine the tiger knee motion.
so the actual input would go as so: (close) x :qcf::uf::qcf:+ punch

this is kinda hard and gets time to get consistent at it… if you screw up, you lose a huge opportunity at dealing some good damage. If you can’t get it right, you can (close) > jab shoulder x GJ

i do it this way(i use a pad most of the time):


Ohhh ok thanks guys im going to training for this bc i ve tried mkxxgj but it never works so ill try your tip

It’s also possible to do a 540 degree spin with the stick… (possible on pad? who knows) The motion : :mk::qcf::uf::u::ub::hcf: :hp::mp::lp: (drum it + you have to be really fast with this)

This is if you’re good at spinning denjins or gigas :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to have a problem doing this, then I just decided in my head to do it faster. Seriously, that worked.