GeneiJin87's SSF2THDR Weekly Tournaments

I’ve decided to take the liberty of organizing online tournaments for HD Remix for the 360 on a weekly basis for a bit as a side project, at least until season 2 of the World Warriors League starts back up.

A tournament will run throughout the week from Tuesday - Saturday, giving players a more lenient schedule to get their matches in; with Sunday being the last day to sign up for next week’s tournament and Monday being the day for updates and bracketing to occur. Participants will have to manage their own schedule and play their opponents at each other’s convenience; if there is no mutual agreement, the players are to report in on Saturday @ 9:30 PM EST. Starting at 9:30 PM EST on Saturdays, the tournament will commence in real time for any remaining matches that have not been played. If a player with matches remaining does not show up before 10:00 PM EST, they are eliminated from play and forfeit all their remaining matches and the tournament will proceed as usual. Once the match up is played, the results may be posted in this thread or you may hang on until you are eliminated to post all your results at once. If you are eliminated, you may sign up for next week’s tournament if you so choose. You will not be automatically placed into the tournament every week if you do not sign up via posting in this thread or through the site before Sunday 10PM EST/7PM PST. You must do this once a week if you wish to participate every week. Every week the tournament will be different or ‘remixed’. Rules may change. Game play may change. Do not expect every week to be the same.

I will edit this post and the site accordingly. Players are encouraged to check this opening post or the website occasionally for any changes to the week’s game play or match ups.

TL;DR version:
Tournaments run throughout Tuesday - Saturday for you to play at your convenience.
Maintain your own schedule with your opponents throughout the week.
Unplayed matches will be played in real time on Saturday, starting at 9:30 PM EST.
Player will forfeit if matches are not played by Saturday @ 10:00 PM EST.
Sign up every week before Sunday at 10PM EST/7PM PST if you wish to play in the following week.
The tournament’s rules and game play will change every week.
Check this post or site often.

To join a week’s tournament, post in this thread stating your entry or use the sign up form on the site ( It is optional to state your main character, as it will only be used for illustration purposes on the site. Those who I am not familiar with or do not state their character will have a default blank character icon when shown on the site.

Remember, you must post in this thread stating your entry once every week if you wish to participate in every week’s tournament. This is so that I do not seed you into the brackets if you are occupied during that week or do not wish to play.

If you would like a specific color palette for your entry icon (which will be used on the front page or for bracket illustration purposes), leave a post indicating character and color.

By default (unless specified) games are:
In Remix mode
Best 2 out of 3 rounds
Best 2 out of 3 games
99 second timer
Grand finals are best 2 out of 3 rounds, best 3 out of 5 games
Akuma is not allowed to be used
Character change is only allowed after a loss
Disconnects are handled at the discretion of the players; rematch or take the win of the round.
Random seeding; you may be paired up with someone where both connections won’t be so stable - in that case if it’s unplayable I will redraw the brackets.

Players, match ups, and brackets will be acknowledged in this post and on a mini web page for convenience.

Results for last week are posted at:

Closed until further notice

Hey Count me in for this, I don’t know if I am signing up too early but I am in.

Word; me too.

hmmm… ill play

Update reflected in the link to the web page.

Sure i’m down!

Count me in !!!

I’ll join the tourneys. I like the idea of it running 5 days in a row, becuase I’m out a lot and have a crazy ass work schedule. This gives me a chance to participate :D.

Add me please!

Char: Ken (White)

All entrants have been updated thus far.

If you would like your entry icon to contain an avatar of your main or most used character, please list your entry with the character. Additionally, if you would like that character to be in a specific color, list that as well or it will be defaulted to the original color.

im in this for this ill be using ryu

I’ll definitely play.

Color: Honda (red facepaint)

Sign me up

I’ll be using black shorts sagat

Sign ups are closed for the week of February 22.

Check the site or the opening post for this week’s details.

Good Stuff GeneiJin, the website looks awesome. So am I basically waiting for Evoanon and his opponent and then I get to play?

US only ?

Yep. You got lucky (or not, depending on how you look at it) during the randomizing of pairings and landed with a free pass since we ended up with an uneven amount of players.

I just signed up. Hopefully getting wrecked in a weekly tournament will help me get better.

So I’m assuming I’ll be playing next week.

**@Shari: ** Actually, it’s open to all under the assumption that you understand that you won’t be playing people around your region and lag may be an issue. If otherwise you don’t think delays will affect your game play too significantly, feel free to participate. However, if lag is a major concern, with enough participants I can be inclined to make a separate branch for EU players only (with its own ranking system for the EU region; though this could lead to some cross-over matches for the battle of an overall number 1 rank – just a concept in thought)

@ruley osprey: Unfortunately, yes you’ll have to wait for next week. Although, I don’t plan on making every week the same old ‘Single Elimination or Double Elimination’, I’m hoping with enough participation I can run 2 or 3-man team battles, survivor matches, random character select week, etc… but you’ll still have a chance to pull out since I haven’t posted what the terms are for next week.