General 3S/3S OE Thread. NO DISCUSSING REBALANCE, unless you like INFRACTIONS!

Sure I could. It would just look like I was made out of splotches of color.

w/e. I’ve always got the impression that a lot of people hate on 3s cause it gives some kind of OG cred, esp when some random 09er SF4 player spouts off Viscant quotes. Defending 3s on SRK is futile even as far as arguing on the internet goes.

But in their defense, Watson would woop on the majority of posters on this board in 3s.

Woop and poop

I think it’s because everything they know in SF4 doesn’t really apply to 3S. Meaties interrupt wakeup attacks, Sweeps can be punished, fireballs can be punished, you can get out of chip kills, only supers and specific specials do hard knock down, etc.

I will attest for the difficult in choosing a direction with such an organic task. You could end up deciding to take a small hit in order to maintain the advantage over a longer period of time. You could end up eating a dizzying fierce into a jump in.

Sometimes what you see really is what you get.

They are who we thought they were.

pretty sure this is the thread. happy reading. I know Louis likes this kind of stuff.

DetectiveBob strikes again!

Also, I get why the vets don’t visit often. The shit talking and hype is the same. But now it’s just low level guys and online only players who do the shit talking.

I remember reading that thread and just LOLing real hard. Back then I wasn’t really aware of dander but reading it again, I can’t say Yi’s prediction has come true yet. Hahaha…

Drag Queens who have played offline:


Drag Queens who have not played offline:

AKA YunHax
AKA ChunHax
AKA AlexistheBomb

Bonus, stop giving me nicknames but also stop nicknaming yourself after me with your multiple log in personality disorder. No, you know as well as I do that making fun of me again in your own special way nobody understands doesn’t alleviate you of this problem. But, together we can solve your problem. What is your problem by the way, it always seems to change.

Here, remember when people bash 3s and talk too much, let them, because they say more than they bargained for. Eventually they either tell you they only play the computer AI in the game on weekends, or watch old EVO videos 4 times a year and thus are experts on how the game plays and how all Street Fighter games should be played. & when you got that guy to crap on me, he shouted out an Arcade that’s been closed for at least 3 years, named no players, and has probably never been there either. Is he really about what you’re about Louis?

Try to get out to Henry Cen’s “Next Level” new-type arcade. It looks fun man. I know you’ve seen it on streams. They said: “Fuck you Sf3 goons taking up the Karnovs room, the Karnov room is for Karnovsss, jerks” during a stream tournament of that Karnovs.

Lemons do have some mass and weight though…! So a bag of Lemonz, angered by GGPO…

Dander “weaker than a horse going pee.” Can’t get out of that wet paper bag.

I’d money match you but I’d feel guilty for taking money from a retard.

Did he just call me a philly cheesesteak?

That’s what I was telling Louis last week, or last argument.

Back in the day Valle rant about “real talk” and say whatever you want online shittalk, you still have to show up offline. There is no universe where I play Louis. So why all the shit talk? Whats the end of this?

“Chinese version 3s.” Seen this one video he came out of nowhere, OF COURSE YOU’RE CHEAP YOURE CHINESE, talking to jwongggg

This “FGC” thing is weird, was I supposed to see that, caught on tape. Related to playing Yang somehow. Or MikeRoss was talking about being a sumo wrestler or something. He got upset mid conversation and walked back in the BestBuy store thing. Past 2 AZN chicks leaving coming out the entrance doors.

Okay, I have to address this (Boy, twice in 2 days, wtf?) and I cannot PM him because he put me on ignore -and as did I- and so this has to play out publicly for a second. My apologies to anyone who sees that there’s a new post and it’s just more bullshit.

I just think you’re an obsessive asshole right now who takes SRK and online message boards and shit like that too seriously. Look, I don’t like certain people and certain dudes get ripped on for sure, but I let things go. I don’t stalk people. I don’t comb through every post they make and look for shit. At this point I honestly think something is wrong with you.

We all try to be funny sometimes. We all have our beefs. It’s the internet, there’s that cloak of anonymity and you’re missing a lot of the subtext in text-only communication. I try to let things go and move on. I’m not always successful but I try to be honest with it all. But -I’m not trying to call you names or anything like that- I honestly think you have ADHD or Aspergers or something like that. Maybe you’re an entirely different person offline and this is how you vent. But this is the impression you’re leaving right now.

Akuma hax is fuckin dope. Just relax.

(he was a winner of “most surprising rookie of the year” award from Pherai and myself at Evo 09. Ps. It’s really difficult to win our awards)

There’s some fuckin funny shit in that thread keeper thread.

Made me lol a few times.

Miss the good ole days. :frowning:


[details=Spoiler]Thanks for reading, respecting me enough to do that and stop the shit talk nobody cares about and not flagging. Ah almost. I am not sad or upset, even “(not mad)… just disappointed” but simply, “I pity the fool. I don’t feel sorry for him. I pity him. Because he is a fool!”

If I am allowed one after those 5 you just unfairly did… Yeah nobody is going to believe you have one friend on SRK…! Sorry man. :shake: That guy you’re mad about said I’m cool, he’s still not my friend. We have things in common, you’re not my friend. So we can’t talk to eachother like friends do and go to all kinds of crazy rude shit that’s okay when you’re friends.

Too mad didn’t read?
Here is a quick rundown:
Play offline. Make some friends. Life is too short. Words of encouragement. Don’t have an ulcer and die!

That’s a control your anger joke, don’t take offense and think its a joke about assuming your age or whatever you will assume even if I tell you otherwise.

If that’s an apology, and agreeing with me & dropping the hatchet, remember:

never log in to “Chunli-Hax” or WTFYUNHAX ever again if you are not lying. Karnov, he’s okay. You can log in to him.

Explanation: Drama Dragging on and on for years = Drag Queens.

So gay for someone else on the forum, like what, do you spend all your money that could go to going to a tournament on wigs or something, get a grip on your life dude! And dressing up as another member, like they’re the celebrity and you’re the drag queen, half-ass fake impersonator version of them. Just for one night or whenever you want to dress up. Seems stupid. Maybe you should stop that. Become your own personality.
I’ll still type out the difference in use between Q rush punch and Urien tackle. Just remind me.


[details=Spoiler]I almost told off Exo like who is he even talking to? He forgot to turn off GGPO (spectator) mode. That’s cool he’s old he was here back then too and read it in the moment when it happened, but now suddenly fondly remembers it (lol’ing about it for 7 years?!) now that it fits his agenda and continuing that other topic. Meeting people halfway, Like dude, How is Dander going to learn humility if he continues on like that too, why not treat someone how you want to be treated, show him how to do it!

But since you gave him a bunch of crap, with that asian kid yearbook photo with the mullet, a classic, more well known than “Dat Ho” I already forgot about and might not be spelled right, word-for-word. That seemed unnecessary, keep it to yourself, and doesn’t apply to whatever you were arguing about, really going on a personal level attack bender with that kind of reach and a stretch, to dehumanize who you’re talking to making him out to be a puppet, yeah? Sounds like making the “strawman” which you can cut down, Samurai Shodown bonus stage style, leading back to fighting games.

You also get into some crazy rude shit, when it doesn’t need to go there. Google translated a post once of your Chinese, you called people Gwailo. Damn. Could’ve been in jest, super dark humor, non natives(its not your word/language), would only use it this way of course for the funnies first -some fun stories with working with Spanish speakers myself- but that old one in there too about jews like free money. Could be young man bold Dander. Okay maybe its warranted, Valle pretty gay ending in smegma, crazyass SRK OG’s talk to eachother like this, still gay tho. And you said your piece first in the order. Hmm. My mistake if I just didn’t get it. No need to explain, no judgment here besides, be humble. That’s respected.

Yeah, looks like even the new kids tell other gamer nerds that they should commit sexual acts, technically. And yet they still want to play the guy that they say sucks penis according to their assessment from where they stand and where they want to be.

Why don’t they just want to play 3s?

Play with anybody new even if one of them sucks or ultimately really, they both suck at the game. If they keep going on like that, they’re in for a rude awakening when someone better tells them they really suck at the game. Now they’re going to feel stupid for thinking they were in a position to say someone else sucks. They’re on the other end of it now. Not so fun this time, is it?

Yeah we can’t help ourselves, can’t stop ourselves sometimes and read too much into it, seeing things that aren’t there, thinking we have to respond going off the insult/anger, saying a million words instead of backing off since we should know it doesn’t lead anywhere good and won’t work out.

Write the angry letter, and don’t send it. You will feel better about it later. Promise.

I don’t know, just had the thought to any of this dumb shit, anybody doing anything

Are people going to bother you if you don’t give them a reason. Are you the one bothering them. He might have a reason he took the wrong way and you don’t even remember what that was, so just do right by yourself and others, you know like “kill them with kindness.”

Or just more communication. Nobody is going to understand anybody and instead really look like a passive aggressive, held all that shit in weirdo if they never talk it out. that’s unfair to themselves, growing an ulcer and unfair to you, that they didn’t say what they wanted to earlier. It didn’t help anybody and wasn’t for the better good.

That’s a fun thread too for us scrub noob 3rd strike forum people. Dander you gotta win the Tournament! <- that feeds the other side (unless he’s about players slapping eachother offline), and fits some of this other stuff, fbook conspiracy theory this time w/you dander to calm him down, reaction macro images. This post needed some more images for the visual learners among us and they make better posts especially if they’re going to be fuckin magazine article size.

I don’t even remember what I was saying or why all the idiot oe videos in the wrong place, but maybe we all grew up since then. I’ll just let the Dudleys jump in after the last anti air, clearly they are holding up right and don’t notice. Dudley is buff, and that’s how they think he wins. Shit, just let him win. Dudley’s championship belt is not on-the-line, online.

3s fatalities v1 beta:

This dude from online. He throws a million words at you. Yup, they’re unblockable. :cool:

You can change also it for another character design to throwing a million youtubes not even about Japan match videos. Like hella movie clips and shit. Because its a post KO dizzy move over here, your opponent is forced to finally click one. Auto-play or something. :mad:

I think that since we have three online avenues to play this game, along with offline, this forum should have a GGs/BGs Thread.

That way we can get rid of all the pollution.

that’s basically what the excellent players you played online thread became, just our new folks didn’t make use of it. it also served as a secondary general discussion thread. I’m quite fond of that excellent online players thread really. a very elastic kind of topic.