General 3S/3S OE Thread. NO DISCUSSING REBALANCE, unless you like INFRACTIONS!

I think he just didn’t label that he was talking about this guy:

Also - WTF at the soundtrack + art? 100% ruined the 3S aesthetics.

So, why exactly was this stupid thread needed?

This Jazzy NYC remix sounds bleh IMO…I’ll be unlocking the original tracks first chance I get.

5k posts, most of which are speculation, when this game is being released tomorrow and can then be filled with facts.

So you can salt up about it. :mad:

no just no

Cyberpunk army of Samurai in a Samurai Zombie movie set in 2075

Wow those remix themes are fawful. I’m not even mad at the guy who remixed them, he’s just trying to get bike money, but who the FUCK ok’d this shit?

yh the remixes are terrible .

stick to the original soundtrack

speaking of soundtracks i wonder if i could find the original soundtrack album >?

I wish they were just awful instead of fawful. I’m sure I’ll find one I’ma like though. I’ll do it. I’ll find that right one that won’t play perfectly over Earthworm Jim.

Man please tell me they didn’t fuck up Killing Moon, that is the Akuma theme to me.


Ok this one is fine


This and Ibuki’s are the only ones I like so far.

Ok I like Oro’s too.

I’m still salty about that Alex/Ken mix though. WTF’s on dat.

the akuma one is acto good . not i wanna hear gills and hugos

How in the world does somebody fuck up Jazzy NYC…

Oh my god deviljin why the hell why did you do this. :slight_smile:

Those tracks sound like ass. We can play original tracks correct? since im assuming the options menu is just ripped from ps2 port.

Also I love earthworm jim. new junk city has like the coolest track ever.

remember the villi people? the stage in earthworm jim 2. you’re a blind cave salamander flying through intestines.


That’s what I’m wondering, I used to actually hear that shit in clubs in Seattle man, that shit was that good.

Left pretty much untouched