General 3S/3S OE Thread. NO DISCUSSING REBALANCE, unless you like INFRACTIONS!

Your vision is a terrible one. I’m sorry, Louis. You have been voted off the island.


Jebus is banned and I’m going to to hfil.

On a related note, what does everyone think of a dedicated thread for calling people out, making challenges, etc.?

seems a bit silly. most people here can’t even play the people they call out lol

Am all for pissing on each other’s legs when we can get footage of the worse player getting shit on with commentary on how shitty they are by the better players here on the forum.

I’m all for it once we can actually get some good calls besides OH HE GOT HIT.

Whenever I see Chun standing there parrying jump ins and hitting low forward and fierce for every other problem…it just makes me want to vomit. It gets even worse when you get a top player praising the play and then every one of his little lackeys saying yeah top player is right! Chun Li isn’t broken. Chun Li is da bess!

How do each of you sit down at a 3s cab?


Finally watched the Kuroda Alex vid. Yeah, it’s as mediocre as I heard it was.

lol riker’s insane man crawl over chair method.

that video is horrifying. I wanna know why Jonathan Frakes though that was a good idea.

Yeah you know JF came to work one day and said, “Hey Gene, I have this great nuance for my character I want to try out.” lmao

I never really noticed until it was painfully stacked one after the other.

Pretty sad that thread got closed…it was interesting.

sounds like we need another Evo thread, that’s the direction it was going anyway. Mr Jesus can’t participate anymore though I guess, has to make another account to set up these MMs.



That is a very odd nuance…
But you can’t help but respect it…

lol 2 the gootecks thing.

Max, He was on the banner when I caught the lee7lounge live stream after my match. “SF2 & 3” Thursday or Friday back there. “Videogame expert” that’s just as an aside, and was out of the ordinary didn’t expect it as a guest, like the next one was the gamer girl Adrianne curry.

Aside #2, Divekick with M.J.White show was real fun, I should’ve jumped in the chat to ask movie question nobody ever heard of, when he worked with Michelle Yeoh in Silverhawk. Chinese female Batman. Christian Bale and Shaq-Fu stuff was good like the Black Panther question too. Doing MMA before it was cool and made hella money like it does now after blowing up in popularity.

So, I played one of your in house Hugos. I don’t know who played, forgot to check the stream replay. I play the match badly especially with Yang and get “unblockable” clapped and Strong punch slapped up, YSB hammer mountain breaking my spirit sometimes… but I thought it was going okay keeping him away, SA1 Hugo

Then knockdown, 1p corner stuck, dash UOH whiff 720

Hadn’t seen anyone try that in over a year, when Neiman Hugo did it on me.

GG that was fun. Then it was a private lobby for you guys with 2 Akuma SA2 guys, less challenge, other xbox players around here could’ve been on too not just me,

but all the game console request friend-> add to game stuff is slow inbetween trading off the stick nonstop to play. So I didn’t do all that.

My beloved section is becoming something new and I’m not enjoying the direction it’s taking.

Yun and Yang’s… Makes me very very certain that either
A) They don’t have penises
B) They do Yoga
C) Those pants must be super flexible
D) They practice that shit a lot
Capcom, what the physiology?

what would having a penis have to do with it?

he’s basically doing a scissor kind of split but balanced on one leg. i guess his pants obscure it so it looks weird though.