General 3S/3S OE Thread. NO DISCUSSING REBALANCE, unless you like INFRACTIONS!

Muscle restrictions and flexibility… Though I have seen Chinese circus acts… But the way their bodies contort just doesn’t really allow for the flexibility needed to put your body in that position.
This while standing. Just seems like you’d have to disjoint things for that to be possible.

Van Damme does it in his movies a lot.


hey man you’re never on aim

Use “Cr” or “Cl” next time please, using both where they apply as a determiner for each separate kind.

I was ready to discuss the differences between brothers low forwards!

For this, we can look up… cheerleaders lol. or whatever this is



Actually, remember in Jackie Chan’s Who am I? That guy who caught the jacket all cocky with his foot, leg directly vertical? He was the “only kicks guy” & the chinese guy, red shirt? was only punches, pretty fun. There was a stopwatch before they trade off, “that’s time!” Hey just like a SFighter round.

And maybe a little bit of an artistic stretch on lean back, side/back kick to the head area height, taken like these skater kids do, to the extreme.

Holy shit!
That picture.
Not a single gawker… except the camera man. But then it could be a setup.

Thinking out loud and I hope this post is better then the flood of salty threads we’ve been getting lately.

I was thinking of instead of potentially doing a 3S clone that had fatalities and instead had the idea of a custom FBA in conjunction with a custom 3S rom to actually have the game play like offline online and also run as close as possible to the arcade version.

A custom FBA seems possible. There’s already custom emulators for specific arcade games like Schmup mame. The tricky part would be the variable frame rate that 3S has.

We know that you can use a HEX editor on the 3S rom and change things but would this allow a programmer to adjust GGPO to isolate just the characters rather then load the background stage on top of everything else?

The problem seems to be a lack of programmers who have real interest in 3S and the need for a custom FBA.

3S with fatalities?

I’m so fucking sad about the 3S section right now. The level of quality of thread being created here is offending me. I think we need another mod here to destroy the bullshit as soon as it starts. We are 3rd Strike, man! We already have the best game! We as a whole have the power to be the most efficient, informative, well-managed section on the site.

Smfh at these threads, though.

we should hold a 3SA meetings.

3rd Strike Awesome

It was just an idea! GAWHD!

Personally, I don’t like fatalities unless they’re mire than just fluff and landing them has some gameplay value.

I was thinking more along the lines of Samurai Shodown. Particularly V SP.


On the SRK Lounge aka the highschool cafeteria of SRK, a dude called you out and said that you called out Valle at 3S and bodied him and then Valle got pissed and tore you apart on the forum.

How would you comment on that?

I had played him before being called out. I won some casuals at the arcade against him and choi and posted about it. Omni, who I’m hearing is Derek Daniels, came out of the woodwork to instigate a money match as a I jokingly commented “Since Daigo > * and Valle > Daigo, then Dander > Valle = Dander > *”

I think we were talking about evo2k6 about then.

After that, it just became a problem about neither Valle or I being willing to back down. Omni suggested 500, I agreed to 100, Valle decided it wasn’t worth it. I don’t know what you mean by tore apart but we exchanged some words and neither of us said too many nice things.

That troll named Azure said you were trash and that Valle bodied you.

BTW They fucking hate 3S in the lounge.

I’m sure it’s still in the archives. Just look for the Regency Arcade Threads and read for yourself. This was about the time I was teaching a photoshop course so I didn’t have time to be arguing over the internet. These days I have plenty of time for that.

you couldn’t photoshop yourself getting out of a wet paper bag.

Sure I could. It would just look like I was made out of splotches of color.

w/e. I’ve always got the impression that a lot of people hate on 3s cause it gives some kind of OG cred, esp when some random 09er SF4 player spouts off Viscant quotes. Defending 3s on SRK is futile even as far as arguing on the internet goes.

But in their defense, Watson would woop on the majority of posters on this board in 3s.