General 3S/3S OE Thread. NO DISCUSSING REBALANCE, unless you like INFRACTIONS!

Just got a tweet from IG. Capcom has the patch. They just need to QA it.


**Capcom has the patch. They just need to QA it.

You think they’re hiring people to cover those positions?

I was just saying so we could get Ryan in there again. I’m sure the there’s another aesthetic glitch in there somewhere. Like, sometimes I think I see a few frames drop near the end of most move animations making some moves end quickers and making others look really strange.

Went to a bar fights style event tonight. They had a 3SOE setup so I got to get a few people who’ve never played 3S before to play the game.

After a few sessions on GGPO now I can’t play right on OE. What the fuck.

Timing differences. Slow that shit down. You know OE runs slower than GGPO… And arcade slower than that…
Which makes me wonder…
What is real 3rd Strike? Is it real? Are we actually real? What is real? Real is conspiracy. Real goes all the way to the top with it. Real don’t give a fuck.

GGPO is just do it
OE is pray because you can’t see shit anyway
CPS3 is the truth

Maybe I’ll write a book about this

I’ve always had to slow it down on GGPO.

I wanna have a godlike Twelve on pad

Also aluma hax never said hi to me @EVO EVEN THO THE MVC2 CORNER WAS RIGHT NEXT TO THE 3S CAB


This is all just a dream and we’ll one day wakeup to find that we had passed out on the cab in our favorite arcade, passing out after an epic munchies binge.

i find it amusing that some players find OE much slower than GGPO. i find it the opposite.

OE definitely feels slower online. As far as offline goes FBA/MAME feels a little bit faster.

GGPO and OE feel the same online to me. I am not exactly good at the game but I can see why people are beating me so whatever.

OE -at least PSN OE- online felt more like Supercade. Very delayed and drops inputs. There’s been numerous times where I didn’t get my LP Powerbomb or EX Shoulder that pissed me the fuck off. Whereas on GGPO I noticed more subtle and questionable oddities like meaties being beaten by wakeup throws and shit like that. That and the infamous “You win” being displayed when either player has a fraction of health and they either parry/block that last hit and didn’t die.

So whats twelves bnb? Also how do i turn invisible

Offline, I’m very certain OE runs slower than GGPO. Maybe it’s input delay but for my example: The timing for HP after a karakusa is earlier than the timing on a (~lagless) offline OE which is still earlier (but less than GGPO) than cps3.
Online: Shit happens.

I’ve missed the HPxxSA2 cancel with Makoto on ggpo SO many times because of the speed difference…

Taunt to turn invisible as for BnBs… don’t have a clue :looney:
I’m pretty sure that j.HK, cr.lkxxXNDL or whatever will work.
@Tweleve should know