General 3S/3S OE Thread. NO DISCUSSING REBALANCE, unless you like INFRACTIONS!

a bottle of vodka xx crying in the shower
4 loko until blackout drunk
shotos dp your standing roundhouse on reaction

but thongboy bebop got the rest covered

Wow that video had some real work put into it. Especially considering it was produced back in the 90’s. Props to Thongboy Bebop.

This is the sickest shit

That was the sole video that inspired me to play 12 as my tournament character for a couple years

Switching to Urien later on was pretty much to maintain my sanity

6 am 3 different days, 3 different stories

3 PM one day stayed up til then & had to crash but turned on laptop watched NickGuy play his match on the side of the match being streamed broadcast, floor seated with the MAS

Don’t buy badges anymore, will consider it if its more reasonable next time.

& EVO floor had a cab? That sounds rare these days, so also go ahead bring it up to the rooms!

Those single cabs are so uncomfortable, American or Japanese. American showcase cabs are pretty fun though.

I want a H2H 3S cab, but that’s money and effort I simply cannot ever see myself having.

Wait for gf or kids and you’ll be all like, fuck food for a month, I’m getting me a astro cab. Then I can just disappear for a few hours and it’ll be free for the next x amount of years. This is exactly what 3s is for me these days and I don’t even have a kid yet.

Vampire Saviour group in Ohio(?) had the two, 2 player versions hooked up

on that stream weekend event that even some Japan players tuned in to watch.

Right anyway, you just use one side of the 2 controls and get a side/ whole machine to yourself. Don’t know how that works. Sega Astro cab, or the different ones.

Doylestown 3s group has h2h cabs too, they keep it at a record store

I wonder if Capcom got a license to use Nike’s Swoosh because it is definitely on Ibuki’s sneakers.

She wears AirMax 1995

Envy me
I’m raps MVP
And I ain’t goin nowhere
So you can get to know me

Played a small poker game last night. 5 players. I got like 9 bounties.

on her boyfriend’s sneakers?

At least that nigga’s wearing some Nike Cortez’es. (how the fuck do you pluralize a word ending in a Z? smfh)

gotta love cortezes (good question lol). ive got some beaters ive had for 10 years now but still rock them fairly frequently. most comfortable shoe ive ever owned.

Generic trainers, or…

one of the waffle made rubber sole ones from the 1970’s

Never owned an air max 95 myself; some exist with different color patterns and nicknames such as “Godzilla” and different palettes of Ibuki do have different colors which could matchup with ones out there that have been released.

I thought SF AlphaZero Guy wore nike cortez due to seeing the swoosh on there too. Its some sort of inbetween nike “dunk” and court force. SF4, they put an AF1 sole on the bottom, and some kids geeked out about that, but it makes no sense.

“well idn’t that cute… but its wrongg”

hax got some neckbreakers :tup:

I had something weird happen to me while I was playing OE. I chose Shinsho Ryu and I was playing against Akuma.
It was lagging pretty badly so Akuma woke up with cl.stand Fierce and I parried it.
Akuma then cancels his parried standing Fierce into Demon. After he cancels into Demon my Ryu immediately hit him with Stand Fierce xx Shinsho.
Has anybody hit Akuma out of a Raging Demon point blank before?