General admission for evo


Since all of the spectator passes are sold out, does that mean I can’t go and just watch?


Yes you can still go and watch but come finals day you have to watch from the overflow room


Also you should be able to attend any panels that are not already full, since badge holders get priority seating.


Eh, a friend is accompanying me, but he won’t be playing in the tournament. It was my understanding he could still watch and do free play, so I didn’t buy any tickets or anything for him. I never heard anything about spectator passes! WTH?


Reading comprehension, man, learn it. Again, Evo is free and open to the public, including spectating and casual/byoc on Friday and Saturday. Spectator passes allow you into the main hall on Sunday to watch the finals, if you do not have a spectator pass, you can watch the finals in the direct feed room for free.


Appreciate the reply, but you don’t have to be a dick. Silly me, this is the internet… anyway, my point was that I looked around for information on what I needed to do to get my friend in. All I could find was that it is open to the public, nothing about spectator passes or limitations for the finals. I would have got him one if that were possible, or I could have just got him entry into the tournament.

The EVO site is really bad. It has registration (closed), a link to the hotel’s website, EVO pics and videos, and an about page with a paragraph not specific to EVO 2012. There is ZERO info on guests. I am IN the damned tournament, and I don’t know exactly where to go in Caesar’s Palace or what times anything occurs. I don’t know how the tournament is going to work. I am quite sure I can blunder through it and be fine, but I would appreciate it if basic information that all players in the tournament will need to know.


Exactly…I dont know How many times this has been said…Its been on the main page for months




Everything you NEEDED to know as on the registration page where it SHOWS that Tournament and Spectator passes are SOLD OUT in BIG red letters

Heres the link that talked about the spectator passes

You must have been blind or something and player guide for rules and general tournament

Use google man Geez


Gah. See it now, thanks! :slight_smile:


Its still sold out and too late


I wasn’t trying being a dick, I was just saying, read. Everything I said in that post was literally already stated in replies in this very thread, but you still had a concern that was already addressed.