General Akuma Combos/Techniques Questions

Just started maining Akuma and have been training for a while, which led me to some of theses questions:

  1. In any combo that ends with a cr.MK/cr.MP xx lk.Tatsu >> Shoryu… Is it better to do a 2-HIT Fierce DP FADC Fierce Red Fireball or is it better to do a Lp Shoryu ?

  2. The Roundhouse Loop: After I started P.linking the Jab to Roundhouse using HK~LP my rate of sucess went through the roof. Since I saw the combo mostly on Sagats, i was practcing on Sagat but, eventually I tried to do in some other characters, like Ryu, for instance. So, my question is: Does the loop change to other characters ? Is it possible to hit more roundhouses in some characters than in others ?

  3. How much should I trust the cr.HP as an anti-air ? I could notice that it beats most cross ups in the game if done early, but i’m still not sure if i should use it a lot. Any tips ?

I have some more questions that i can’t remember right now, but i’ll manage to put them around here sometime.
Thx in advance.

  1. Lp.srk is greater than hp.srk but for awhile hp.srk > fadc > redball felt very natural because you have a large window of time to fadc (on hit 2 or hit 3).
    Here’s the breakdown:
    St.hp, lk.tatsu, hp.srk = 322 dmg
    St.hp, lk.tatsu, hp.srk > fadc, redball = 354 dmg +50 add’l stun
    St.hp, lk.tatsu, lp.srk > fadc, redball = 377 dmg + 200 add’l stun
    So more dmg and more stun. Just practice. However I’ll complain that w good practice, even mashing srk sometimes won’t come out when playing online.

  2. I wish I knew more about plinking, this loop is awesome. But this works only on odd hitbox chars: sagat, abel, and a few others. NOT a universal tactic.

  3. C.hp is excellent. Mostly safe, usually won’t trade if you anticipate early enough and hit them when they’re high, and if you whiff, not as punishable as if you threw out lp.srk. The thing is, you have to do it on reaction and hit them when they’re high. I’m even trying myself to do more c.hp in more matches but in G2 everyone just reversal srks and I’m too used to reversal demoning, ergo I rely on reversal anti air demon instead of c.hp.

It’s a fantastic anti-air, but it’s for reaction against close jump-in’s. Sometimes I feel people forget about the anti-air shoryuken with Akuma, which is for those other jumps that down fierce won’t reach. Those are the type of jumps usually baited with footsies and spacing. I find myself playing more that type of game every day.

My AA game is definately very Shoryuken heavy, I rely on cr.MK secondarily. I have a good esteem for cr.HP as an AA although I haven’t yet got to the state of finding a comfortable equilibrium with it to incorporate into my game yet.

Ok, new question:

I was playing against some friends (against Zangief for the most part) and I noticed that when I tried to do any kind of Demon Flip Mixups like, dive kick, st. fierce, demon flip, another dive, they could simply walk under my dive and SPD the hell out of me. Now, If all the cast can just walk under the flip, am I doing something wrong ? Cuz this just suck ball man!

yeah you should be spacing and choosing which demon flip better. I nail gief everytime with the flip.

Yes if you practice your Demon Flip ranges more, you’ll smash Gief to an easy BnB EVERYTIME. His Lariat simply cannot stand to a properly done Demon Flip.

I tested the flip on training mode and, if he simply walk under the flip, he will evade the dive kick. It seems he is still vulnerable to thows though.

Another question: I saw japaneses akuma players doing an Instant Air Fireball. I tried to ‘viper’ it (qcf then up) but i couldn’t manage to do it. Is there an easy way to do it ? Or is it a properly timed ‘viper’ ? Is the motion any different ?

It’d be nice if Loltima did a new video with this Instant Air Fireball and all of its mixups.

Delay the LP a little bit. If you do the motion straight into the LP he’ll always do a jumping jab. Finish the motion and press LP once his feet leave the floor.

Can’t find the thread, but somebody posted a relatively easier motion for doing the instant air hado:

:qcf::uf::r::df: + punch

You have to finish the hadoken input while your airborne, so you need to delay hitting the punch button until your feet are off the ground. (if you hit the punch button while you’re still in jump start up, you get an air normal instead).

The :r::df: motion is obviously not required, but it helps you get the delay timing down just right.

What your talking about is Tiger Knee’d Air Zankuu. Go here:

Also to Sarda: If you stand at the ‘Gouken range’ which is a little less than half-screen and Demon Flip Zangief as he’s walking, his speed won’t be fast enough to counter your Dive Kick. Trust me. IF he does manage to Lariat your Dive Kick it will only hit on the outside (you will see this) and if he blocks it, you can block string for EX meter or simply teleport away. And if I’m wrong about all that, then I must be a hallucinating when fighting Zangief and he’s actually beating me.

What are the numbers on Akuma’s FA+forward dash? I’m not sure how to read it in the frame data. Is FA1 -3 on block and FA2 +3 on block?

LV1 is -2 on block, LV2 is +4 on block.

To calculate in the future, here’s the formula:

X = FA Block Stun
Y = Dash Frames
Z = Result

X - ( Y - 1 ) = Z

Since Akuma’s LV2 Focus Attack grants 21 frames of blockstun, and his dash is 18 frames, the equation would look like this:

21 - ( 18 - 1 ) = +4

heh, was working this out for myself earlier. Why do you -1 from the dash, is it because the dash cancels the active hit frame?

Anyone know if its possible to do the teleport into a demon?

Probably just the way the game’s algorithm is built

Why not? Buffer the jabs as you’re zipping across, keeping in mind the 57-48 = 9 vulnerable frames before you can move again

Something like that, I’m not entirely sure, the wiki just told me so and it seems to be the case. Haha.

Ok, one more week of akuma training so it’s time for new questions:

  1. I was playing against friends offline and tested a Ultra Setup for a While. I start to throw ground and air fireballs at them and, if I see they jump forward, i buffer the st far HK into ultra. THis is not a new tactic at all, but I could see that it worked up to the point that they stopped to attack in the early frames of their jumps and started to attack when the demon animation ends. That way I lose the invulnerable frames and I eat an air attack. So, i was wondering: How good is this setup ? Only to the point people will stop empty jumping forward ?

Its good against akuma if hes throwing unsafe fireballs, you can push forward under an air fireball with the hk into ultra to catch them on the way down. Apparently its also good for neutral jumpers, but im yet to really try it out.