General and makoto's questions / xbox live friend

Hi there,

I’m playing 3SOE on xbox since 2 months, and im coming from SSF4, which i main makoto, so i play makoto on 3SOE.
I have some generals questions about 3S :

  • Does option selects works ? which kind of OS are “typical” (like in SSF4, the jump OS sweep, or the throw OS, …) and usefull ? Can i make parry OS ?
  • How can i quick get up when i’m down ? (Noob question, sorry : ( …)
  • When i get up, can i do backdash to avoid pressure ? does the backdash have the same “in the air / invincibility” properties than in SSF4 ? Generelly, what’s preferable when getting up ? block ? attack ? throw ? parry ?
  • Does cross up works ? does meaty works the same in 3S than in SSF4 (frame advantage, …) ?

And also, i have makoto related questions :

  • When someone jumping on me, can i use fukiage ? (i know that it can be parried, but will it works ?) I saw videos makoto vs dudley and makoto was using fukiage on the ground …?

I thought i had more question, but i can’t remember =/
BTW, im so alone on the xbox live : i can’t find “european” lobby to play (im french) … is there anyone nice enough to play with me ? tagname => kalote

Thanks a lot =)

  1. Yes option selects work and yes you can intergrate parries into them. A good example would be forward parry then do a crouching throw. The throw wont come out, instead you’ll get a jab, but it will be throw immune and of course you also will have a parry there too. There are alot more, try messing around see what you find.

  2. Press down the moment you hit the floor.

  3. I can’t speak for everyones dash, but for the vast majority of the cast it is not safe to backdash on wakeup. Most of the time it is best to simply block and wait for an opening. Getting good at teching throws helps alot here too.

  4. Yes crossups and meatys work. You still get a extra frames to do something (I think it’s 1) if they get hit by a meaty. You can use this to confirm for combos that would be alot harder otherwise.

  5. Makoto’s fukiage is kind of a crappy anti air, alot of the time it will either miss, or get stuffed because it comes out too late. This is probably why you see people use ex fukiage more then anything, as it comes out alot faster. Usually the best option is to do stand fierce into hayate cancel then dash under, or you could do stand strong into ex fukiage just incase they parry.

Thanks for your answer :wink:
I saw things about being crouch or stand … something about it deals more damage when you’re crouching ? is that true ?
Also, i saw some kind of weird thing from a makoto player : stand strong to stand fierce and it connect … how it is possible ?
Does Plink works in 3S ? are the input priority the same as in ssf4 ?
Is there any french or european player around here ?

Thanks for the replies ^^

  1. You do 25 percent extra damage if your opponent is crouching.

  2. No idea.

  3. As far as I’m aware plinking doesn’t work in 3s.

  4. Yeah there’s plenty. I dunno about XBL but there’s a fair few on ggpo.

No invincibility on anyones backdash in 3s. Some backdashes are just fast and moves the hitbox of the charcter out of the way enough to avoid stuff, shotoes for example.

Fukiage sucks as an anti-air, but I guess you could do something wacky like x fukiage if yhey jump at you trying to parry stuff to hit them. Other than that it’s just parry bait and asking yourself to get punished. Just stick to otherwise, or dash under.

Crossups and especially meaties work. Meaties are vastly better in 3s because most special moves outside of their EX versions don’t have invincibility and normals have a lot of active frames. Learn to meaty in this game, it’s very good.

No plinking in 3s, you wouldn’t need it much anyway because links are in shorter supply in this game. Makoto has hayate, sa1, but you can piano the super and even then it’s very easy. Also no crouch teching throws SORTA because it’s not as effective as in SF4. I still don’t know how 3s crouch tech works fully, someone enlighten me?

Eurotrash players are around, like me, but I don’t play online. Sorry.

You should check ESN’s website to have a look at the Fukiage hit-box and see that it is an almost useless (or at least extremely situational) anti-air.
EX fukiage is better because it moves you forward a little but really you shouldn’t do that too much, forget SF4, the better option in 3s to deal with jump-ins is to just guard, or take advantage of fast and long Makoto’s dash by dashing under.

Crouch teching is vital for a defenceless character like Makoto against aggressive players, it works like in SF4 I guess, just do a throw while crouching, if the opponent throws: you tech and if he does nothing: the crouch lp comes out.
But (like everything in 3s) don’t do it all the time because against good players you will eat delayed hits and “block+punish” all day.

I’m parisian but on PSN only!

Crouch teching isn’t quite as useful simply because block strings aren’t nearly as difficult to get out of (that isn’t to say they aren’t very dangerous still though). Against characters like ken and chun crouch teching is extremely useful. However, always try and do it on reaction. It really sucks to get baited into doing it and then getting stuffed or parried.

Fukiage is terrible as a traditional anti-air, but EX Fukiage is great when you’re anticipating neutral jumps or Leap Attacks. Keep this in mind, because people are going to jump a lot against Makoto in fear of Karakusa.

Crouch techs work similarly to SF4, but throw timing feels different between SF4 and 3S so I’m not too sure how to explain it there. One thing though: crouch techs can be read and countered with just a low(or even high) parry.

It’s great vs. cross-ups. You can also super jump cancel it or cancel into you SA. One useful application (or useless): using SAIII while you opponent attempts a crossup can land you a fukiage.
You really want to land them when you can. They do good damage and a hell of a lotta stun. 3S Makoto is a lot scary than SF4 Mak. You’ll probably love her 3S iteration more.