General Anti-V-13 strategies?

It’s pretty clear that V-13 is going to dominate for awhile in this game for the most part, until they end up patching the game anyway. Does anyone have good strategies against V-13 as far as holes in her offense, what is unsafe for her to do, advice on how to tech and so on?


To paraphrase, pray that your opponent’s v-13 is as bad as this guy’s.


Don’t pick tager.


haha I read this as v-13 assholes, and yes I think they are assholes for now (until I figure out how to get around sword spam with Ragna)

:rolleyes: [media=youtube]vkOTCa-1YoI[/media]

ummmm, play smart ? I can manage v-13 vs tager, scrub or no scrub. The only decent v-13 player i’ve seen on xbl is escapingjail. I won, barely w/tager.

Rush in on her, don’t be predictable. Stop mashing D. Stop air dashing in all the time. I see way too many people jumping back and air dashing in as if they didn’t just put themselves at the exact angle and spacing I need for 6DD.

I find it funny the only people complaining about v-13 have SRK join dates of 2k8/2k9. lawlz.

Jump forward with dash momentum while blocking. Hope she whiffs.

you dry humping join dates makes me :rolleyes::rolleyes:, unless of course you actually think people can only have one srk account in their lifetime, which in that case RIGHT ON BRO!

Its rough to learn against it online but theres been waay worse, but you dont know that cause you #1 on xbl or some shit. Oh and this topic was started by a 2k4 join date durr?

You can add Hakumen to my temporary hate list

sorry to burst your bubble, but the OP was not complaining about V-13. He’s approaching it from a competitive standpoint. Get your facts straight scrub. XBL rankings don’t mean anything … they giving out prizes ? do you get to go to SBO ? do they give you a cookie ? Also to get the facts straight, most people that have been playing 2d fighters for ages do only have one SRK account, that is unless they’ve been banned and or they’ve ripped people off on stick modding so they have to make a new account to continue their shady dealings.

P.S. bro… really ? go back to watching bromance whilst wearing graphic tees and drinking natty ice. Don’t forget to cuddle your bro!

and really hakumen ??? Hakumen has literally no options except his fairly decent overhead/low move. I guess you just can’t block high. The guys been sitting at the gate for a millenia drinking whiskey and getting no exercise. He quite literally has worse mobility than tager. His pokes are also sub par.

btw, syx566. Which characters are you trying to use v-13 against ? I know how to play against her current with : tao/tager/noel/jin. The main thing is just having a lot of patients. Block those pressure strings to a T and if they even try to end the pressure string with a low blade projectile, IAD right over that and get in there and don’t let off until shes dead. Also if you stay extremely patient and hang back, they’re eventually going to try to come in at you, and that’s when your going to have a better advantage.

things that are unsafe for her to do

  1. Whiffed swords
  2. ground blade projectile
  3. 2C is not exactly unsafe but if you IB block the last hit you could possibly gain some advantage on her
  4. IB the last sword of a pressure string can also help you to get enough frame advantage to get an IAD or get you a little closer
    options: assuming you IB the last sword of a pressure string and they didnt go for low blade ground projectile
    a. IAD in, move forward a little, then block… repeat. If your afraid of getting anti aired
    b. just IB dash forward, wait for the next string, repeat until you get close. If they try to move over you, make an attempt at an anti air yourself or an air to air combo. Her air to air game is pretty bad.
  5. last but not least. Not necessarily unsafe for her, but learn what jump in options your character has against v-13. Her 1C is a deadly anti-air which can lead into big damage and stupid shenanigans.

Thanks Pervert_Q. I’m new to this game and am still getting the hang of chasing down and punishing projectile/range heavy characters with Ragna. Although, actually learning the range of my forawrd+D helped alot.

On the low level I’ve been playing at, there’s a safe spot against sword spam. It’s right in her face. You’ll have to defend against most of her moves, but you don’t have to worry about back blocking the blades or low blocking without her telegraphing (that split second of crouch animation)…which for me is the real problem.

Again, I’m not very good so neither are the ?-13 I’ve been playing, but I’ve managed to survive and even build nice comebacks by staying fast and off the ground until I can get in that spot (tons of air ice riding).

And I’ve been punishing tons of ice rides. :looney:

But yeah, rushing her down is what you should be trying to do.

Also, tager having better mobility than hakumen? I’m not too sure about that…

just gonna note that taokaka can crawl under quite a few of u’s projectiles, including her DD

tager has 236+a or b which go through projectiles and allow for combos on hit/counterhit.

also i think its a given that nu needs to be rushed down same as you want to get the f away from tager…

the problem is getting close to her in the first place.


IMO she’s a very extreme character, which is her drawback.
She has the best keep-away game but once you get a life lead on her, she’s in trouble cuz she has no mixups and no pressure game.
I believe she won’t stay the best in the game for long.