General Card/Boardgame Thread


Got Call of Cthulu not too long ago.

Tried playing with my friends, but there are alot of rules, I’m sure once we figure it out it will be Hella fun.

Buddy mentioned wanting to play Risk soon, stoked.


Chess and Chinese checkers talk is also welcome.

Thinking about getting into Magic as well.



Don’t we have a board game thread, possibly created by you? One of these days the entire front page will be your threads Will you be proud or a little sad I wonder.

Anyways, I haven’t touched my CCG’s and boards in a while. 40k and Fantasy collecting dust, same with Warmachine stuff, UFS cards are still boxed up around here. Some scattered YGO, Game of Thrones, and Warhammer cards somewhere.

If I got back into CCG’s I’d probably play YGO and L5R again, probably WoW. WoW CCG was really fun in a group setting, 1v1 it could become one-sided but in teams it was fairly enjoyable.


You might be thinking of the Chess thread, and I didn’t make that…I think…


Nah I’m serious, I think we have a Board games thread somewhere buried here.


The only CCG I ever played was Overpower (Marvel, later DC, and then even later Image tried to get involved). Game was fantastic, was based on comic books, yet the management and promotion was piss poor. I’ve still got all my old cards. Too bad they’re not worth anything.


I did my best, meaning I searched “Boardgames” and nothing came up. :rofl:


Grape escape

Chutes and ladders confused me as a child but it looked good

Candyland was mad gay…molasses monster was raw tho


Learn to search better dumbass…


Found it, kewl

Someone close this please.