General character discussion (NO tier lists please)

OK so we know every character will more then likely get there own thread sooner or later so i made this thread to lump them all together so we can find each individual character thread easily without having to sort through the inevitable mess. Also in this thread we can discuss each characters strengths/weaknesses and strats for each or just any general gameplay tips as well.

I’ll link every individual character thread made in this post and i’d appreciate if this was stickied.

Mr.wiz gave us our own forum lets learn from the mistakes of the sf4 forum:rofl:

Smashboards advanced techniques compilation:

Smashboards character discussion threads:










it’s a me…mario!




diddy kong

donkey kong








meta knight

toon link









captain falcon

ice climbers

I had high hopes for R.O.B. but he just can’t cut it for me. He has a few good moves I must admit. R.O.B. has very good tilts and his air attacks are decent. His nair has a little bit of start up but everything else is good…with the exception of his Uair. His special moves are quite good, but I think it would be better if his down B move spun longer. I use G and W now but I know TheSix still uses him.

I hate R.O.B.

But G&W is really good in brawl

^^Six said rob is really good from what i’ve seen his bair is serious business.

It seems that LOTS of b-airs have been beefed in this game. It almost feels like a universal kill move when you’re in the air. :expressionless:

Motion for Sticky. Who’s gonna mod TEH SRK BRAWLS FORUM


I would vote no, can’t have any bitching.

Raises Hand


I’d like to give the mod spot a shot though i dont know who it’s up to to decide mr.wiz? and of course i’d need SRK’s brawl people to be cool with it.

How the hell do you dodge Metaknight’s FS?

You don’t.

You run away like a little school girl.

So don’t bitch.

so who got picked to be a mod. Id like to go for one of those positions, ive been playing the game a good while now, and i want to do more for our group of SRK brawlers.

someone put in a good word for me (or at least tell me who i have to ask for SRK Brawl Mod Powerz)

Mr.wiz or whoever is in charge of this forum will decide a mod if and when they need so lets move on.

Anyways I updated the OP with a link from smashboards with a compilation of “advanced techniques” in case anyone missed it and if you discovered something new or if there’s anything not listed there that you think should be i’ll put it in the OP.

EDIT: Also updated the OP with a link of the character discussion threads from smashboards in case anyone is interested.

But he can beast you from like…across the level.

^^Sarcasm much?

Galaxia darkness isn’t that bad because you can neutral A combo into it:wonders:

So who is everyone using?/ having a hard time against?

When i’m bowser i have a hard time vs anyone with a spammable projectile.

So do marth and toon link live up to the hype from the old thread? XD

Marth is indeed cheap as fuck. I haven’t experienced enough Toon Link to make a concrete call, but he looks really good too.

Marth is a beast.

So is Toon Link.

I should know since I play both of them. :slight_smile: