General character discussion (NO tier lists please)


how do you get the shadow link…not the creepy looking one with the red eyes i mean the one thats a complete shadow…u fight him in one of the solo event things so its been programmed into the game but is there anyway to make him playable?


Are there any tutorials around?
and is there a thread somewhere I can find all the acronyms and nick names etc? I don’t get what tilt means mainly…


What the heck is a tilt?


it’s one you press the directions stick slightly instead of fully and then A.


Alright, I’ll try that out. Sounds weird


Yeah so I just started maining marth, trying to space correctly online is gay. He’s got good ko power though on the tippers.


Dammit, I thought you can only do tilts by holding down the direction instead of tapping it. No wonder people can do tilts a lot more easily than I can. IE: I always jump before doing up tilt and sometimes I run instead of doing forward tilt.


One way to help this is to take off Up-Jump. You get so much more control over your air game when you do it that way IMO.


Ganon is one of my mains as well. Haven’t had ganon mirrors in a while.


For a sticky, its weird to see this thread hasn’t been touched in ages.

Anyway, I wanna bring up Yoshi since he used to be really under rated not too long ago. I would find it hard to believe if people still see him as low tier. Sooo many useful techs were discovered with him. His bair is rape. Bair->Utilt->Uair is rape even if it is a little predictable. I’ve seen Yoshis place high in regional tourneys so I’m actually glad I didn’t quit maining him. So much potential…


Yoshi is decent but never give up on your main. Before the game out i wanted to main ROB and been using him ever since but did not think he was going to be a top character.


anticipation…since ppl tend to try n mind game u and use the FS u can try n knock it out or anitcipate it and dodge…thats it really but tbh im not worried bout MK’s FS its his damn tornado i cant stand Dx


The hitbox for his FS projects pretty far out but it’s really narrow. Try staying above or below him until you can knock the Smash ball out of him.


I tend to disagree with most ranking of the characters, Yoshi being one of them. He’s a good quick characters overall and he has a decent recovery now. His only problem are his smash moves aren’t very strong, but otherwise, he’s a good character.


He would be if he could jump out of shield.

When he’s in his shield, he’s 100% committed, which means good presspoure games rape him.

Shield is so good in smash (low shield stun, low shield drop, easy perfect shield timing), that having a shield that forces you to be so committed is crippling.


GnW FTW!!!


Playing Ganondorf makes this game competitive enough for me. Great challenge :slight_smile: He basically has Dair, double jump Nair, Bair, Uair, tilts besides Utilt, and side b.


I love to use Ganondorf. I just wish his Warlock Punch had super armor.


I’m also a Ganon fan because he’s one of the only realistic males (besides falcon) that doesn’t fight with a standard weapon. What’s even more badass is that he has one, but doesn’t want to use it.

Using him against plasma/elemental characters though really sucks. A keepaway Pikachu always gives me problems, and his Down-Smash is crazy good for no reason. Even when you guard up close, you just sort of get sucked in and take some damage.


Agreed on Pikachu. Can’t stand him.