General character execution/combo question thread


  1. How do I do the buster during his clone loop if I am using L to TK Lightning? Do I hold H or are you even using the buster? I’m confused as to what is actually going on despite notations.

  2. For some reason he will randomly cancel/feint his lightning and I’m not sure. I think maybe because of buster charge?

  3. Can you push block while buster charging? I have tried and it does not appear so.

  4. What are some general tips for playing while holding buster. Some things are much harder. But I guess Zero doesn’t need to wave dash or even pushblock that much.


  1. What are the best places to put her bk feint H (I guess its her staircase)? I have tried after a simple seismo cancel like starting a box dash loop, but it fails to connect often. What about midscreen? I would like to use mid screen ala s.S, j.M,j.M, bk cancel H to corner.

  2. My assist with Doom + Viper is Plasma Beam. How do I do the relaunch that Marlinpie does with the assist? I have tried air series to j.S —> call Doom, seismo L, burn kick M, but I can’t get the relaunch to knock them up.


  1. What are his best options off of OTG wire M? I have tried to grapple to corner, but it never works. I usually just bionic arm, but I know there are better options.

  2. What are the rules on how to grapple somebody to a corner with Spencer? I have seen people do it from what almost seemed like a full screen distance, and varying speeds of grapple succession. None of my methods seem to work for long range, only short and short-medium.

  3. I have seen people reset with Wesker gunshot assist + angled reach, but when I do it they never air tech. I think they get some sort of knock down.


  1. What is the best way to combo after his OTG gunshots? I realize its not canceled into combos so its a little tricky, but I drop the c.M afterwards so often its ridiculous considering the stuff I’m NOT dropping with Viper.

Thanks in advance guys.


  1. The way I do it is to hold L when you do lightning into sougenmu, then when you input sougenmu (with M+H) then keep H held down (let go of L and M). Jump up and release and rehold H to buster, do 3 L lightnings, etc…

  2. Either you mean you’re getting the qcf+L move which is the fake dive instead of lightning or you are talking about lightning to buster which makes the lightning come out, but Zero stays in the same spot and shoots his buster.

  3. I’m pretty certain you can. I don’t see anything that would stop you from doing that.

  4. Even though no-one ends up using them, learn the combos that start with no buster charge into the ground loop (iirc the easy one is c.LMH, f+H, c.LMH, f+H, S, j.MM buster into whatever, this combo gives you just enough charge to get the buster out). Try practice playing around with different fireball speeds (like you’re playing Ryu in SFIV) and see if you can keep charge while doing that.
    Pushblocking is very important for every character, Zero included as well as Zero having possibly the best back dash in the game. 2 plinks and he’s fullscreen away.


  1. You probably have the timing wrong. I’m sure there are youtube tutorials around to show you the inputs and stuff. Generally it makes more sense to go into it off of a move with more hitstun like j.H or j.S when not in a launcher combo.

  2. I’ve only fiddled around with Viper/Doom a little bit so I don’t know the proper way, but I get it to work by doing dash+a1, waiting a bit (gotta practice to get the timing down) then light seismo into tiger knee light burn kick and launch off that. You want to be hitting closer to the end of the burn kick to give you some time to land and hit S.


  1. Depends entirely on how far into the combo you are and where on the screen you are. If it’s early in a combo you can get a down/forward zip into stand MHS. If you are in the corner there are a whole bunch of extensions that you see Spencer players use depending on how far in the combo you are.

  2. There are specific combos that go corner to corner. You just have to learn them (try the Spencer forums or youtube).


  1. Depending on how far in the combo you are, Wesker’s gunshot will make them either land and out or air tech if there’s too much hitstun. Generally you want to call Wesker, then do jab into command grab. Try do a longer combo beforehand though so they tech out pretty fast after your jab.


  1. Again this depends on where you are in a combo. I suggest you read up on hitstun scaling. Without assists or xfactor, you can’t do a launch combo into otg gunshot into c.M because they’ll fall out before c.M can hit. But if you do a ground series into light cobra strike, you can link c.M after the gunshot, you just need to practice the link.

All of your questions could have been answered by looking on youtube and looking at the respective character forums. Most character forums have a bunch of resources to answer your questions and if you still don’t get something after all that, that’s where you should be asking.