General Converter Help


I want to play guitar freaks on my PC using the Red Octane PS2 guitar hero control. Also interested in frets on fire etc. What kind of converter shold I use? I’m assuming just PS2 --> PC. If so, which brand should I get and what kind of experience should I expect?


From I’ve heard GH controls don’t work with GF games. Im not really sure why but @ least that’s what I’ve heard on Bemani Forums.


It looks like any should work; FoF has joystick support. Your best bet is the new Pelican -> PS3 converter.

$5 from B&N/GameStop. Damn well worth it. Pick up a couple before they realize they made a price mistake and up it to the retail price of $15


I heard from somewhere that you just need to change the controller type to “Type C” or something like that. From my understanding, it works.


what happened to admiral converter?


I dont know about the GH controller, but for some reason GGXX#R on my pc doesnt recognize my stick with PS2-to-usb converter so i use to remap my keys to the keyboard and it works fine. I heard XPadder is actually better, but i dont feel like installing that.